The Art Of Revenge

Generation-Y easily can be characterized as a society classified by individualistic achievements with the determination to succeed overriding any lessons of ethics or morality.

One of the greatest sensations to be felt is that of sweet, sweet revenge. Forgiveness has become a wasteful pastime. Nowadays, the second somebody pierces your back with a knife, elaborate plans for revenge begin to unfold in our minds.

This might classify me as sadistic, or unnecessarily vicious, but frankly…I don’t give a damn. The second you cross me, it’s over.

Society has created a generation of people, robots really, who all push themselves to maximum limits in order to stand out, succeed, and ultimately achieve the “American dream.” We no longer work with friends, or family. We work merely with competition. And it is that competition which acts as our ultimate motivator.

Any time someone above you in our hierarchical structured society tells you a certain goal of yours is unattainable, simply a waste of your time, is merely a squirrel in the road who can easily be squashed by your driving force rearing forward.

Society has created a monster within us. A monster so obsessed with success that whatever pushes us up the ladder can easily be taken out. Stop at nothing, we are taught.

Friends are great, without a doubt, but when it comes to the professional world you should have nothing more than acquaintances within your field.

Do not let yourself be some pushover destined for a typical 9am to 5pm job with no room for advancement. Any outstanding achievments should go noticed, tastefully overemphasized to ensure a profitable future.

Your haters should be your motivators. There is nothing more satisfying than the revenge you get on someone who doubted you. Tell me I can’t, I’ll show you I will.

Do whatever is necessary to get ahead. There are no longer any morals, rules, or guidelines. It’s a free for all. At the end of the day all you really have is yourself, and all the luxurious items your hard work supplied for you.

Frank Sinatra once said “The best revenge is massive success,” and boy, was he right. Simply forgiving is doing an injustice to ourselves, not claiming what is rightfully ours, which is the right to revenge.

So to all of you out there, make sure you have a strong backbone, because in a field of bulls it is easy to be a deer trampled by the success of others.

Michael Kaye | Elite.