An Ode To All The Late Bloomers: The Women Who Didn't Peak In High School

Adolescence is rough, especially for those who didn’t skate through it with flawless skin and shiny hair. For many of us, the days of adolescence were the days when men didn’t look our way, pretty wasn’t a word we knew, and life wasn’t about attention because of our looks.

For the girls who were skinny and adorning Abercrombie tees with early on-set tits, this was their time to shine.

For years, they spent their days in the spotlight, soaking up the attention and affection as the rest of us sat in the corners, looking for other things to do with our time rather than hang out with boys and get notes passed.

For those who weren’t pretty and cool in school, this was a time of hardening and self-discovery. It was a time of pursuing passions and talents away from hair straighteners and makeup.

It was a time of molding and growing, developing a personality that could only come from learning to rely on things other than our looks.

They say that writers have to pay their dues before they can ever really make it as a great writer. They are supposed to spend years struggling, until one day their struggles are born into a beautiful work of art.

I believe it’s the same with becoming a great person. I think interesting, moral, intelligent people all went through hardships in their lives to become who they are today.

I believe everyone needs to go through pain and letdown to have empathy and depth, and the most soulful and genuine women you’ll meet today are the late bloomers.

The late bloomers are all the girls who weren’t pretty or cool or popular in school, or maybe even after. They are the girls who stuck it out when men looked through them and women made fun of their curly hair or big feet.

They are the girls who never knew what it felt like to have all boys fawning all over them and contemplating how to ask them to prom.

They are the ones who spent a quarter, or half of their lives in the shadows, away from the spotlight. They are the ones who were there with the other side of beautiful for a long time and came out on the other side with a fresh perspective.

They are the ones whose lanky legs and big lips became beautiful assets, rather than targets for name calling.

They are the ones whose curly hair became thick luscious manes and small chests eventually grew into developed breasts.

They are the girls who are beautiful and smart and talented and you can’t understand why they are so cool. They are the ones who have personality and wit because they weren’t always this beautiful.

They are the ones who don’t just expect attention and compliments, but feel they must work for their respect.

They are the girls who have personality, desires and talents away from their looks; the ones you can’t believe are so cool. They are the late f*cking bloomers and they are the best women in the world.

They’re Well-Rounded

Spending most of their adolescence in the shadows and away from male attention, they learned to develop skills outside of looking good.

They didn’t waste their days worrying about boys and split ends, but pursuing passions and talents that would get them a different kind of attention.

They are the women who surprise you constantly with languages, guitar skills and a sense of humor.

They Know How To Talk

They didn’t spend their days listening to men compliment them, but conversing and using their rhetoric to impress people.

They’ve learned to carry conversations based on merit and weight. They are those whose words are worth more than the face speaking them.

They Appreciate What’s On The Inside

Only a woman who didn’t spend years being idolized and praised for her outward appearance knows how to appreciate what’s on the inside.

Having spent so many years working on what’s inside of them, rather than on what’s on the outside, they know how to appreciate the inherent beauty of others, not judging solely on looks.

They Hold Fast To Their Roots And Morals

It’s always the late bloomer who remembers who did them dirty when the men start coming in years later. Just because she’s pretty now doesn’t mean she doesn’t remember when you treated her like dirt.

The late bloomers are always steadfast holders to their roots and where they came from. They don’t easily forget how they got there and who is worth their time and attention.

They Are Sympathetic

The late bloomers know what it feels like to be cast aside, making them the most empathetic of people. They’ve been on the other side and they don’t easily forget what it’s like to be made fun of and picked on.

Only a girl who didn’t spend her school years being praised can understand what it’s like to treat someone right, as she's been treated wrong so many times before.

They’re Genuine

They know what’s important and what’s not. Unlike the women who spent their entire lives being pretty and popular, they were forced to see the more important parts of life; the parts that can only be seen when you’ve given up caring about how you look.

They understand the real meaning of life and their world doesn’t revolve around keeping their looks from fading or making sure they get a spray tan every other week.

They’re Never Conceited

The late bloomers aren’t conceited because they aren’t used to getting compliments. They haven’t grown up with adoration and praise and don’t ever expect it.

They still carry around the mentality of their uglier, less impressive self and will always remember that’s where they came from. They are still flattered by attention and praise, but don’t walk around expecting it.

They’re Still Waiting To Blossom

Many times, the late bloomers never realize they have bloomed. Having spent the toughest years being put down and ignored, they don't even realize it when they actually become beautiful individuals because they are too absorbed in their work and their other passions to care. The late bloomers aren’t worried about blooming because they know there are more important things in life.

Top Photo Courtesy: Fanpop