The Air In Italy Is Said To Be Filled With Cocaine And Marijuana

A new government-sponsored study found that the air in Italy’s biggest cities contain residue of both marijuana and cocaine. Unfortunately, it is not enough to get the population high.

Verona, Bologna, Turin, Rome, Palermo, Naples, Milan, and Florence were all found to have trace amounts of the drugs floating about in the air. These findings are good indicators of the amount of drug usage in the corresponding cities.

Posted on ScienceDirect, the study found that Turin appeared to use the largest amount of drugs while Palermo seemed to use the least. The levels of trace drugs also varied according to season. While cocaine and nicotine usage seemed to be steady year round, marijuana and caffeine usage peaked during the winter months.

The study was conducted over a one-year period starting back in May of 2010. Italian government officials are hoping to use the findings to help deal with drug-related problems.

Paul Hudson | Elite.