5 Ways For College Students To Be Productive While Still Having Fun This Summer

by Glindys Luciano

The most highly anticipated season has finally arrived. Summer is the time to chill with friends, travel or realistically, try to find a summer job or internship.

This is the time of year when, as college students, we have the chance to pursue different activities we like and spend time on those endeavors, without worrying about classwork or pressure from extracurricular activities.

Make your college summers unforgettable with different adventures, whether it’s traveling to Costa Rica or volunteering at a local center, because the truth is that in the real world, there is no such thing as a three-month vacation. Once you graduate, you’ll be lucky to get three weeks off.

Post-college summers will just be a season with warm weather and that is it. This means no Electric Daisy Carnival or sleeping in until 4 pm on a Tuesday.

While it is important to recognize that college summers should be about fun, they should also be about productivity. This means, do not spend your days just sleeping or taking a walk between your bedroom and the kitchen.

It would be nice for future employers to see something on your résumé, or for you to have accomplished something over the summer. Here is how you can make your college summers unforgettable while being productive:

1. Make Some Money

Find a job you might enjoy and make some good money while you are at it. The job does not have to be glamorous, like working at Versace or Goldman Sachs, but as simple as working at a library or local coffee shop.

Internships are also great to have, but if you are not able to find an internship that would be enjoyable, just find something to do that you will enjoy.

The point of a summer job is to be able to network while making some money, which is always nice. Summer jobs also teach responsibility and commitment, which is important for any future jobs you take on. Start working on those habits now!

2. Do Something You Have Always Wanted To Do

It's always an amazing feeling to accomplish something from one’s own bucket list, so why not cross one of those items off the list this summer?

You may not have the resources to do everything you want to do this summer; life can be expensive, but fun does not have to be. If you really want to take a baking class, learn how to ride a bike, get your driver’s license or attend a yoga class, do it.

That is why you have that summer job in the first place: to have money to do the things you want to do.

3. Spend Time With Yourself

It is easy to get caught up with just hanging out with friends and always being surrounded by people you love, but remember that it is important to spend time with yourself.

Summer is the perfect time to take time for you and reflect. It is important to detect whether you are happy or not with the life you are living, and take the necessary steps to change that. There is nothing wrong with spending time on yourself and wanting to improve your life.

Try to figure out activities that make you happy and just incorporate them into your life. Also, remember to take care of your body, exercise and sleep well.

College life is often very hectic and stressful, filled with many late nights of pizza and other junk, so try to make it up to your body during the summer.

4. Pick Up A Book

Remember that these months of blissfulness are to be followed by 400 pages of reading after classes begin. You do not want this to be a shocker to your brain, so throughout the summer, keep your brain refreshed with some fun reading.

A book is easy to carry, so if you are at the beach tanning or taking a walk through the park, sit on a bench and read. If you do not like to read, then write to keep your brain active and productive. Seriously, anything intellectual goes; do not forget that the brain needs its exercise, too.

5. Have Fun

Whatever you choose to do this summer, make sure you have fun. Remember that life is short and at the end of the day, what matters is not how much money you make or the jobs you are able to land, but how many great memories you are able to make.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It