9 Reasons Why Your Best Friend Is Your True Soul Mate

by Margaret O'Brien

Your soul mate isn’t necessarily the man in your life.

Of course, you love your boyfriend. He’s tall, handsome and an all-around great guy. He treats you well and you two couldn’t be happier. But, sometimes, the greatest love in your life can’t be found with a boyfriend.

There’s only one person in this world who truly knows you better than you know yourself, and that person doesn’t have a penis. That person is your best friend.

Your boyfriend may be one of your closest friends, but I’m talking about the girl with whom you started kindergarten. The girl who held you while you cried when your childhood dog died. The girl who would drop whatever she was doing and come to you if you asked.

Here are nine reasons why your best friend is your soul mate.

1. She’s already part of the family

You’re pretty much convinced your parents like her better than you and you know your siblings do. Having her barge through your door completely unannounced asking what’s for dinner is routine at this point.

2. She knows your favorites

When you’re having a rough day, she brings you your favorite wine and/or ice cream (but mostly wine) without even having to ask. Then, she pops in the DVD of the first season of your favorite show and you both tune everything else out.

3. She’s seen you right when you wake up and still loves you

She’s seen it all: the bed head, the morning breath, the lack of makeup. It’s the crowning moment of your day, really. She probably looks the exact same way, so there is absolutely no judgment, only love and understanding. Thank god.

4. Your pet loves her

As excited as you are when your best friend comes over, your pet is 10 times as thrilled. She can’t even sit down without your animal climbing all over her begging to be loved. What can you say? You trained your pet to have good taste.

5. You always agree on which movie to see

Nothing is worse than having to stand in line at the ticket booth and attempt to agree on a movie. It’s awkward and no one wants to say which movie he or she wants to see. Luckily, you and your best friend don’t have that problem because what you want to see is always what she wants to see.

6. She (genuinely) laughs at your terrible jokes

No one would have thought that was funny. Like, legitimately no one. But, there she is, laughing as if you’re Kristen freaking Wiig. Really, what says true love more than someone laughing at possibly the worst jokes of all time?

7. She tells you the truth

If those jeans make your thighs look like elephant legs, she’ll tell you. If that color of dress washes out your skin tone, she’ll tell you. If you’re being a real bitch, oh, boy, will she tell you.

She’s not trying to be mean or hurt your feelings. It’s exactly the opposite: She’s honest because she loves you.

8. Her closet is your closet

She understands those days when you hate every article of clothing you own, so her wardrobe is yours for the borrowing. You two have always had a similar style, so it’s like permanently having two closets.

9. She’s known you forever

You two have known each other your entire lives, or at least, it feels that way. She’s been there through your very best and your very, very worst. She can finish your sentences and know what’s on your mind before you even say it.

She’s always been there and always will be. She’s your soul mate.