8 Reasons Why February Is Literally The Worst Month Ever

by Katie Hunter

In July, you look forward to the crisp fall days. In October, you look forward to cute sweaters, peppermint mochas and the holidays. In January, you look forward to... February, so nothing.

Every month has its ups and downs, but unless you are a Valentine’s Day fanatic, February is an awful month. Seriously.

Here are 8 reasons why February should just go away because no one likes it.

1. It’s not winter, but it’s not spring.

February weather is nonsense. The 45-degree days teeter the line between freezing to death and pleasantly chilly.

You don’t know how to dress for the day because the low is 28 and the high is 55. If only those zip-off windbreaker pants were still cool.

2. You start to notice the holiday weight you put on.

The holidays have come and gone, and those five pounds that crept up and made themselves at home around your waistline are starting to become noticeable.

You want to buy new clothes, but can’t since your wallet is still suffering the holiday shopping storm that blew its way through, back in December.

3. Valentine’s Day. UGH.

Valentine’s Day can be wonderful if you’re in love, but if you’re not, it’s just flat-out terrible. In the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day, I avoid all Walmarts, Targets and drug stores like they are the plague.

The displays of chocolates, roses and teddy bears are simply too much to handle sometimes.

For the unfortunate individuals who aren't sure whether they have a boyfriend or girlfriend because they haven’t had “the talk,” Valentine’s Day is painfully awkward and unavoidable. Good luck.

4. No one really knows how to spell February.

I have already misspelled February six times while writing this.

5. Sports aren't so hot.

Unless you are lucky enough to have an alma mater that is really good at basketball, then February is just an okay month for sports. After the Super Bowl, football is basically over, and in the South, this is the absolute worst.

6. No food is in season.

February is like the ongoing Sundays of food. Everything seems to be taking a day — month, rather — of rest because nothing is ripe unless you live in California, Florida or Mexico.

The only foods in season are asparagus, beets, broccoli, celery, pears and tangerines, and let’s be real: No one voluntarily eats those.

7. It's short a few days.

You know there aren’t 30 days in February, but are there 28 or 29? Can anyone even remember how often a leap year comes around?

Also, because of the fewer days, you get paid less in February.

8. Harry Styles, Lauren Conrad, Ashton Kutcher and Jennifer Anniston all have February birthdays.

You may be thinking, “Why is this a bad thing?” Well, it’s a horrible thing because it is a constant reminder of how badly you wish you were them, you were dating them, you were their unborn child or anything related to them.

It is a painful stab to your gut knowing there are people out there as beautiful and successful as them who aren’t you.

February is a tough month to get through. It causes you to question some of your life decisions. Like, why do I live here, why am I single and why am I not married to Ashton Kutcher? February puts your mind, body and emotions to the test.

For all the February haters, thank God there are 11 other months we get to enjoy. Good riddance, February.