The 6 People You'll Inevitably See At The Local Organic Deli

It’s Saturday morning and you’ve struggled through 90 minutes of hot yoga, so obviously, you deserve to treat yourself to an iced coffee and an acai bowl.

You’ve already done one good thing this morning, so you figure you’ll keep it going and head to the local organic deli — because, community. Well, you weren’t the only one with that bright idea. No, no. The everyday-ers, or the people you always see at your local organic deli, are already there:

The Surfer Bro

This dude is not quite sure what GMOs are or why they shouldn’t be in his panini, but it's just an afterthought as this is his go-to post-shred spot.

Still dripping with salt water, he’s easy to spot by his bleach-blonde dreads, hemp bracelets and neon baggies. You’ll find him on the outdoor bench, not wearing shoes and kicking his feet up on a nearby seat.

Girls Dressed For Coachella, But Not At Coachella

You know, the ones wearing high-waisted cut-offs, crocheted crop tops and oversized, round sunglasses — even while inside. After a night of binge drinking $1 beers, these ladies are looking for a detox.

They’ll have Kombucha juice and sit around, gossiping about the night before, occasionally throwing in life-altering questions like, “Do you think this muffin has gluten in it?”

Moms In Flowing Dresses

Did Mother Nature herself just walk in with her scruffy little children? She’s a ray of sunshine in her paisley-printed dress, makeup-less face and handmade macaroni necklace from one of her brood.

After ordering a round of fresh fruit and granola, you’ll likely find her breast-feeding the youngest.

The Pseudo-Hipster

He’ll shrug in, obviously way too cool for this place, but I mean, it’ll do. He’s wearing an American Apparel deep V-neck, cardigan, cuffed jeans and worn chukka boots.

You can’t tell if his haircut was intentional or if a child attacked him with safety scissors. After ordering a small iced coffee, he’ll struggle with the decision of whether or not raw sugar can go in iced coffee.

Finally, finding his way to the corner, single-seat table, he’ll Instagram his drink next to his book with a pretentious title and hashtag #life.

The Actually Fit People

These are the people who were in your hot yoga class and were actually good at it. Did I mention they ran 14 miles before the class?

This sweaty, spandex-clad group will order their quinoa and egg white omelets before going over triathlon schedules and new PR goals: “I’m really trying to shave off a half-minute within a week.”

The Youth Group

Nothing is better than a hearty bowl of oats and fresh fruit after a heavy contemporary worship service.

Traveling in hordes, the young theologians insist on pulling together every available table and chair in the five-table deli to accommodate their party.

After spending the last of their parents’ money on scones and coffee, they'll remain in the building, quoting scripture within earshot of everyone who now has to order their food to go due to the lack of available seating.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It