6 People, 5 Places And 4 Things That Make The Hamptons So Chic

by Anthony Bowles

The Hamptons: The place where people go to leave their worries, woes and inhibitions behind (well, at least from Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day Weekend).

I'm a native New Yorker, and I can definitely tell you the Hamptons is the best escape from the city.

The Hamptons is most known for P. Diddy's white parties, its exclusive beaches and its wealthy, beautiful people.

During the scorching summer months, the lavish sophistication of Manhattan heads up the Long Island Expressway via the Hamptons Jitney (or personal car) and takes over the residential beach community.

I have been going to the Hamptons for as long as I can remember, and that eastern end of the island is almost like another world.

In the city, everyone's finances are something of a mystery; you can have a Wall Street broker living in a small studio apartment in the Financial District, but in the Hamptons, everyone's wealth is on public display.

With mile-long driveways, private beach trails and the occasional celebrity sighting, The Hamptons is the epitome of accessible luxury.

There is almost nothing better than a summer in the Hamptons and whether you are vacationing with friends or family, it will be a summer that you will remember forever.

Here are some of the best reasons why The Hamptons is unlike any other place:

The People

1. The people are casual, cool and collected.

They enjoy walking down Main Street, eating ice cream, shopping at the local pop-up shops and simply enjoying the fresh, beachy air.

2. They're not awful drivers.

After months of not driving in the City, it's surprising how well people can drive in the Hamptons. People manage to get around without any accidents, road rage or yelling.

3. What else is the beach for other than tanning?

People seriously love to get their tan on like we're in Miami, and whether they are laying out on the beach or a local park, getting that perfect shade of sun-kissed is mandatory.

4. Come one, come all.

Every year, more and more people migrate to Suffolk County for the summer months, and you can always tell who the "newbies" are by how they wander around completely in awe.

5. Its full of New Yorkers, minus the trademark New York attitude.

There is no denying that being in the City 24/7 makes New Yorkers short on patience. In the Hamptons, people are so at ease that they're nice to everyone.

6. It's bustling with philanthropists.

The community is so philanthropic that there is a charity gala practically every other day in the Hamptons. Admission into this elite circle is not cheap, but at least it is for a great cause.

One person I have always noticed is very involved is Jean Shafiroff, whom the Southampton Animal Shelter honored last year.

The Places

1. ℅ The Maidstone.

This hotel has unique, individually-designed rooms, and its Living Room restaurant is stocked with delectable food and wines. It's the ultimate Hamptons getaway.

The staff at the The Living Room restaurant do their utmost to adhere to the Slow Food movement's principles, but with a Scandinavian twist. No nonsense. Join them for a memorable summer or weekend getaway.

2. Cooper Beach.

Located in Southampton, Cooper Beach is the beach to be on in the summer. With the picturesque, white sandy shores and historic mansions in the background, it is no surprise why the beach was on the hit CW show, “Gossip Girl.”

Everyone comes out to play and have some fun in the sand, all while making sure to capture the perfect shot for Instagram.

3. Red Stixs.

Red Stixs is the go-to spot for an after party because of its reasonably priced, Beijing-style food.

The plates are delicious, and guests can always enjoy the private backyard.

4. Montauk.

While it is only a few miles from the rest of the Hamptons, it is definitely the place for Generation-Y to go and let loose. It is where people take off their button-up shirts, kick off their loafers and simply run wild over the beach.

5. Nightclubs.

They are everywhere, just ask Scott Disick, who had a very embarrassing episode at 1 Oak Southampton this past summer.

The nightclubs in the Hamptons are unpretentious, real and genuinely a place where you can have fun and dance.

The reason why is because there is more space, and people aren't constantly bumping into you or stepping on your shoes the entire night.

The Things

1. The cool and unique shops.

While pop-up shops like Club Monaco and Michael Kors have taken over Main Street, there are still unique shops that are local to the Hamptons. Year-round residents own many of these shops.

2. Bikes.

With so many open roads and gorgeous sunsets, the Hamptons is the perfect place to bike.

You often see people loading their bikes off the Jitney and jumping right on to head to their summer home or share.

3. Pool.

If you are like me, you have been trying to get a membership to the Soho House since it opened just so you could have access to the rooftop pool. But, if your application was denied (like mine), then the Hamptons has you covered.

You are more than likely to meet someone who has a pool, who knows of someone who has a pool or who has been invited to a pool party. One word about Hamptons pool parties? Epic.

4. Rentals.

Renting anything in the Hamptons can be very steep. Hell, even staying in a hotel for the weekend can easily cost you up to $1,500.

While that may seem insane to everyone else, it is actually fairly reasonable. You see, the Hamptons isn't just a place to visit and live; it's a lifestyle.