50 Reasons Why A Dog Is Just As Good As A Girlfriend In Your 20s

by Joshua Fechter

Your 20s are a time to find yourself, to establish your goals, answer many of the questions you've had for years, experiment and live free.

Being tied down to a girlfriend, or any relationship, while you are still trying to discover everything life has to offer might detract from trying to discover who you are.

What you do need, though, is a best friend. It can't just be anyone; it has to be someone who will be there for you through the worst of times, showing undying amounts of companionship and care.

What you need is the only true best friend a man can have: a dog. But not just any dog; you need a dog that matches your personality. When you choose a dog to care for, it's a huge responsibility, but one that will make your 20s the best time of your life.

The responsibility of having a dog is not a downside because the majority of the related tasks will have a positive impact on your life. Moreover, the dog will give you the freedom you need to go on adventures, take risks and establish and chase your goals.

A girlfriend isn't as easy to fit into your life; you both have very complex lives, and it's hard to adjust yours to be with her, especially at a time when you've just dipped your toes into what life has to offer.

Don't get me wrong; going out with girls and having fun is great, but they can be a distraction.

Unless it's directly contributing to your exploration of life and digging deep into the mysteries of why things are the way they are, it's not something you need right now.

A girlfriend is not the partner in crime you should be looking for on your 20-something journey. You need a Robin to your Batman, and a dog is the best Robin there can be.

A dog has relentless energy, will adventure with you wherever you go and follow your lead.

What isn't there to like?

Girlfriends are great... when the time calls for a relationship. But in our 20s, we men need someone we can count on to be there for us for all 10 years. We can't run the risk of having our hearts broken over and over again.

The problem is that it's both women and men who are trying to answer life's puzzling questions during their 20s. With so much yet to be discovered, interests to be realized and people to meet, the last anyone needs is a relationship that acts as a roadblock to our curiosity.

The odds are against you that your relationship will last anyways, so why not choose one that will?

A dog will never say no to your hopes, dreams and passions, and will continue to support them until you both have grey hair. Dogs are the definition of happiness, and their undying love for friendship is just the tip of the iceberg in what they have to offer.

For the explorers, the adventurers and the people who don't want to settle until they are older, here are 50 reasons why dogs are the perfect replacement for girlfriends during your 20s:

1. They will never leave you.

2. They will always be happy to see you.

3. They reduce your stress.

4. They safeguard your house.

5. They eat your leftovers.

6. They can easily go wherever your job takes you.

7. They keep you exercising.

8. They require less expensive gifts.

9. They're great for picking up girls.

10. You will never eat alone again.

11. They wake up when you do.

12. They go to sleep when you do.

13. They never get tired of you.

14. They listen to all your jokes.

15. They don't drink your beer.

16. They're great at frisbee.

17. They know when you're going through a tough time.

18. They can detect cancer.

19. They can detect seizures before they happen.

20. They can detect low blood sugar.

21. They are easy to please.

22. They won't ever cheat on you.

23. They have amazing instincts.

24. They help get you out in nature.

25. They help you appreciate the simple things in life.

26. They make you more playful.

27. They boost your perception of how you should be treated.

28. They appreciate every time you take them out.

29. They don't require expensive dinners.

30. They don't complain when you watch sports all day.

31. They fit in great with your guy friends.

32. They never make duck faces.

33. They don't ask you to like their Instagram photos.

34. They don't send you annoying Snapchat photos.

35. They watch all the same Netflix movies as you.

36. They don't spend an insane amount of time on the phone.

37. They help improve your throwing motion.

38. They don't require you to text all day.

39. You don't have to wait for a dog to get ready to go out.

40. They make you more likeable.

41. They don't complain when you smell.

42. They don't tell you what to wear.

43. They don't ask you if they look good in what they're wearing.

44. They don't ask you to go shopping with them.

45. They make for the perfect excuse to get away from your friends.

46. They give your friends a standard to live up to.

47. They like all the nicknames you give them.

48. They don't have any annoying family members.

49. They are incredibly adorable.

50. They are your best friend.

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