5 Ways To Make Sure Your New Year's Eve Doesn't Suck

New Year's Eve has so much potential. There are endless parties to attend and cocktails to consume. It should be totally awesome, right? Not always. This holiday is one that is fatally hyped, and in reality, it can be pretty anticlimactic.

If it's not the plans that fall through at the last minute, or a far-too-crowded bar, it's a particularly nasty stomach flu that's thwarting your festivities (I speak from experience here; last year, my stomach was reacting to a virus rather than a few too many celebratory glasses of champagne). Here are a few tips to ensure a successful night out this NYE:

Assemble The Troops

No one wants to brave the New Year's madness alone, or worse, with only your ultra-flirty, super-lightweight best friend by your side (unless you want to escort her home before the ball drops). Decide on a plan and get a solid group together for a night out. Maybe it's a low-key night that a friend of a friend is hosting, or maybe you'll be dancing in Times Square. A group of five or six works well -- any more than that, you'll lose half of the people. Any less, you'll feel lost in the shuffle.

Look The Part

Throwing on some sequins and a red lipstick is enough to get even the most skeptical partygoer in the mood. New Year's Eve is the perfect opportunity to take a fashion risk without any fear of judgment. At the very least, you'll get some fabulous pictures, right?


Not necessarily to get drunk (though, a little buzz is certainly a happy accident). Instead, invite your group over so that you're all leaving together from the same home base. It'll save you the headache of trying to progressively meet up once out.

Splurge On Transportation

Do this without question for the end of the night (nothing ruins a holiday like a DUI!), but consider calling a car for the way there, as well. Even if your destination is within walking distance, low temperatures and high heels can be a nasty combination. Plus, if you're all leaving from the same place, splitting a car among a lot of people won’t break the bank.

Don't Be Too Particular

Plans change. Bars get crowded, people get drunk… getting champagne sprayed on your chiffon is a very real possibility. Go with it. If you end up somewhere a little more dive-y than you'd prefer, order a round of shots for your group. Is your roommate's sister's party a little too low-key? Fill up her glass and have her tell you about her new job. Everyone is out looking for a good time, so you're bound to run into some interesting characters. Above all, try to keep a fabulous attitude as you celebrate this new year.


Top Photo Courtesy: Tumblr