5 Ways To Thoroughly Enjoy Your Fall This Year

by Ilona Minasyan

It’s this time of year again.

We love the freshness that takes the place of humid mornings, but we hate pulling sweater after sweater over our heads because we aren’t quite ready for cold weather just yet. We love the pumpkin spice, but still crave frozen yogurt.

Even though for some of us, it may take some getting used to, fall is a beautiful time of the year. The colorful scene outside can hypnotize you and take your breath away; the light somehow looks different in the fall than any other time of year.

Just like with every season, it possesses a unique set of pluses and minuses.

Here are five ways to embrace this season and enjoy every single day:

1. Make every morning count

No one's saying it's easy to wake up early and most likely, you'd do anything for some extra sleep. But, if you at least try once to wake up early and go for a walk or run, accompanied with your favorite music while inhaling refreshing air, you won't regret it.

You might even want to repeat it the next day. I can guarantee that the day will be so much smoother if you give yourself an awesome start.

2. “Cappuccino” dates

Quite simply, we can’t make it through fall without coffee. Not only do we need it every morning, but we also, for some reason, often prefer coffee dates during the fall instead of happy hour. Cappuccino dates are special because they allow you to actually comprehend what you are saying.

The entire season makes your thoughts deeper, clearer and more romantic. Therefore, now you can blame all of your romanticism on autumn.

3. Explore, as art creates mood

What a great time to go to a concert, museum or theater play. You can open up your mind and discover something new by attending art shows and classical music concerts. Imagine being at a jazz concert with a glass of wine or at an exhibition of something you’ve never seen.

Tempting, don’t you think? Plus, you will meet new and interesting people. This is always a good thing. Instead of sitting at home, wrapped in your blanket and watching a reality show that you will get sick of by the middle of October, explore what art can offer.

4. Express yourself

This time of year, everything is just the way you like. You can be super warm and comfortable, but at the same time, sexy, classy and/or cute — whatever makes you happy. Don’t forget about Halloween; you can be whatever you want for one day.

Create your own style, try different accessories and basically, express yourself and own it.

5. Find peace by recapping your year this fall

Fall is a good period of time to go through your year, see what you’ve achieved and what you need to work on to improve in the future. Winter is the time for holiday fever, and there is really no time to stop and think your life through.

Fall is perfect for you to be able to focus on yourself, make peace with your failures and embrace yourself for the achievements and risks you’ve taken. Always feel like a winner because only you know what it takes to live your own life well.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It