5 Reasons Why The Person Next To You At Work Is The Best Part Of Your Job

Work: the place that gives you money for labor, fuels your drinking habit and provides month-long stress headaches.

Each day, we face office challenges. From the stinky lunch eater to the guy who's always sneezing and coughing, we manage to get to 5 o’clock somehow -- *sigh* somehow.

This is how the person next to you can make or break you. This coworker is either your hero or your enemy. Here are the best examples of how your office neighbor is the best person ever:

1. He or she brings you the last chocolate chip cookie from the conference room.

Everyone knows conference room meeting food is the lifeblood of the office. With the lame hourly rate and endless emails and phone calls, those treats can keep cash in your wallet while keeping your stomach full.

Thanks to your office neighbor (who knows what you need), you often snag conference room goodies from meetings you don't attend.

2. He or she tells your boss you were in the bathroom (when you were just late).

Solid move, neighbor. The next goal is to get stealthily to your desk before your boss knows you didn’t get in before him or her.

Regardless of what happens next, your office neighbor's clutch move saved you a whole lot of drama.

3. You need to print something ASAP, but the printer's not working. No worries, he or she already called the tech guy to help.

Your boss needs a printout, ASAP. You start to sweat and think, "SH*T! This printer is the devil; it better print OR SO HELP ME."

Good news: Office neighbor already emailed IT, and someone is on the way RIGHT NOW. You craftily tell the boss the papers will be right out, and they will.

4. When you leave your computer unlocked, your work neighbor locks it for you.

We all know (or have heard, anyway) how dangerous it is to leave your work computer unlocked at lunchtime.

Someone might change your desktop background to your headshot from when you were 10 years old (which you obviously didn't want anyone to see).

Maybe someone got to your still-logged-on Facebook page and posted, “I like butts.”

While this may be damaging to your psyche and ego, it is even sadder for your reputation at work because you should know better by now. ALWAYS LOCK YOUR COMP AND LOG OUT OF FACEBOOK.

5. He or she makes sure the mailroom staff collects your rush delivery package by the last sweep.

You went to the bathroom and thought the mail staff would definitely pick up that package you told them to come get. What you don’t know is that they walked right passed your desk, but your work neighbor made them come back for it. Awesome.

Karma: It is a real thing. Not everyone has time to be the best coworker, but, to all of those peeps out there who were doing good deeds, we see you! We thank you; we ap-pre-ci-ate YOU. You make work a better place to be.

You make waking up worth it. It’s nice to know you care. Maybe next time, I'll be mindful and throw out my smelly food in the kitchen trashcan, rather than the wastebasket we share. Cheers to you.

Photo Courtesy: USA/Suits