5 Secrets To Improving How You Communicate With Body Language

by Justin Stenstrom

Everyone has a fairly accurate and natural idea about what it looks like to have good and bad body language.

We are all attuned to picking up on physical cues like this; we have to be.

In fact, they say up to 93 percent of communication is non-verbal, meaning when you talk to someone, the words you speak are really only about 7 percent of what’s being said.

So what about the rest of it?

Well, about 38 percent of our communication comes from our voice quality, and about 55 percent comes from our body movements and positions.

So, how can we communicate more effectively in our lives by taking advantage of our body language and tone?

How can we look more confident, comfortable and content, and in turn, elicit these emotions in the people we are communicating with?

After all, that’s what effective communication is really all about: making others feel great when they are talking to you.

Below are five little-known ways to dramatically improve your body language right now.

Everyone knows the more obvious things to improve — things like looking down, avoiding eye contact, slouching your shoulders, fidgeting, etc.

These are all great by the way; by improving these things alone, you can improve your communication exponentially.

But, the following five examples are just as effective and a lot less common:

1. Keep Your Palms Up When You Speak

By keeping your palms up, you demonstrate a trust people can believe in. You are communicating to them that you are a likable and believable person.

So, when you talk, or make a demonstration of some sort, do so while keeping your palms up.

This doesn’t have to be your stationary position, as that might be uncomfortable and a little awkward after a while, but try to incorporate the palms-up position throughout different parts of your interaction.

2. Use Mirroring

Mirroring is when you are copying the body language, tone, positioning or actions of someone you are speaking to. Humans feel more connected to people who seem like them.

So by doing this, the person you are mirroring will feel more connected to you.

Don't blatantly copy everything someone does, but subtly mimic the way he or she talks, stands, the tone of his or her voice, etc.

If you want to build a rapport with someone quickly and connect with him or her fast, try to mirror.

3. Make Pauses During Your Speech

This particular non-verbal tip allows for more effective communication.

It's one of the best public speaking tricks that some of the top orators in the world use.

By making effective, well-timed pauses when you speak, you draw the listener in.

This can be extremely effective for appearing more confident and self-assured when communicating.

4. Nod Your Head “Yes”

This tip is great for appearing to be, and actually demonstrating that you are a great listener, which is really what effective communication is all about.

By regularly nodding your head “yes” when the person you are talking to is speaking, you signify you are listening to what he or she is saying, and also, you are in agreement with the position.

5. Keep Feet Apart And Knees Slightly Bent

By keeping your feet apart and slightly bent, you are in a very comfortable and natural stance.

This stance shows you are comfortable being yourself and comfortable communicating to the person you are speaking with.

It subconsciously also allows you to let your guard down, and by doing so, allows the other person to let his or her down as well.

That's it! Use these five tips wisely.

Next time you find yourself in conversation with someone, remember these techniques and you will find that you're communicating and connecting much more effectively.

What other body language tips can you think of? Do you have any great secrets that are really effective for eliciting confidence, comfort and contentment?

Please share any great ideas you have!

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