5 Reasons Why Shelter Pets Undeniably Make The Best Pets


Anyone who's ever met me knows how much I love my dogs.

I could talk about them for hours; there is an endless amount of photos of them on my Instagram, and I've probably Snapchatted at least 100 "look how awesome my dogs are" photos and videos to my friends.

In my opinion, KC and Tasha are two of the best dogs in the entire world. I think part of this is because both of them were shelter dogs.

Everyone knows shelter pets make the best pets -- here's why:

1. Shelter Pets Will Always Brighten Your Day

Because of how much they love you, shelter pets will always pay attention to you. They know when you need a pick-me-up.

If you're upset, or even crying over something, shelter pets want to make you feel better. They'll cuddle up next to you or bring you their favorite toy. They'll lick your face. They'll do anything in their power to comfort you.

They subconsciously know you rescued them, so they return the favor and take care of you.

2. Shelter Pets Help You With Problem Solving

Shelter pets sometimes come with weird quirks. For example, my dog, Tasha, hates loud noises -- thunder, ship horns, yelling -- and when she hears them, she tries to hide somewhere safe.

Because of their weird quirks, shelter pets teach you a lot of problem-solving techniques. If we're walking Tasha by the river and a ship blows its horn, we have a system where we sit her down and pet her; she's comforted and won't run away.

We can't stop thunderstorms, but we've gotten good at finding her safe places (like our small bathroom or under a desk) and getting her out from under beds safely.

Shelter pets can present you with what seems like a major problem, but as any owner of a shelter pet knows, you find a way to work with the quirks.

3. Shelter Pets Like To Stay Close To Home

When we first got KC and Tasha, they both tried to run away on us. They would hop the fence in our backyard and just go.

I have fond memories of chasing them around the neighborhood in my pajamas, a leash in one hand and a doggy biscuit in another. But, there came a point when both of them stopped running.

They realized we loved them; we weren't going to send them back to the shelter, and our home was their home. So, they decided to stay.

4. Shelter Pets Are Tough

My dog KC is a survivor. He ran the streets of Detroit for at least four months before he was caught. When he was caught, he stayed in the Animal Control Center. A day before he was going to be euthanized, he was taken in by the no-kill shelter we got him from.

His past has made him tough, and he can overcome any obstacle in his way.

Two years ago, KC was diagnosed with bone cancer. The vet gave him four to 11 months to live. Yet, somehow, he defied the odds, and he's still here with us today. You'd never even guess anything is wrong with him, aside from his limp.

I fully believe KC has lived so long because of his life before us. He knows what it takes to survive in this world, and it's made him strong and tough.

Shelter pets have overcome every obstacle and defied every odd in their lives. They are tough; they are survivors, and they'll live long and happy lives because of it.

5. Shelter Pets Will Love You Unconditionally

Your shelter pets will absolutely love you. Because of you, they're no longer stuck in a cage; they're free.

You play with them; you give them a bed to sleep on and food to eat. And, for this, they'll love yo

u. I fully believe animals have a long memory and shelter pets can remember where they came from. They know that their lives have been rough. They also know you rescued them.

You gave them a forever home filled with love, and because of this, they will love you forever.

Shelter pets are the best pets in the world. They are amazing animals that teach you to live, laugh and love as much as you can.

So, remember, when you are looking for a new pet, think about going to a shelter.

Adoption is an awesome option.