5 Life-Changing Reasons To Start Using Honey On Your Hair For Gorgeous Locks

by Julia Guerra

The beauty industry has gone holistic. Now more than ever women are paying close attention to ingredient lists and have begun demanding natural remedies for skin and hair, as well as organic cosmetics from their favorite brands. I personally think we have the no-makeup makeup look to thank for this change of events, but either way, beauty is back to basics. When it comes hair especially, home-remedies are having a moment, and while apple cider vinegar and coconut oil have their own cult-following, honey is healthy for your hair, too.

You can thank those hard worker bees for this multi-purpose product that lovingly tends to your strands and scalp. Honey is a nature-made humectant that retains moisture and is loaded with antioxidants to fight off environmental stressors. Why add honey to sweeten your hair? Here are a few life-changing reasons to drip a few drops into your everyday routine.

1. It feeds strands the vitamins and minerals they need to thrive.

Commercial shampoos get the job done, but unless your label reads “natural” or “organic,” chances are chemicals are lurking throughout the formula.

Raw, unprocessed honeys are rich essential nutrients unlike processed products where vitamins and minerals are often diluted with those hard-to-pronounce ingredients. It can mend breakage and add a ton of moisture to a parched head of hair. Bee Keeper and author of Eating for Beauty David Wolfe told SheKnows,

Honey is a humectant. It attracts moisture from the air. This hygroscopic property, along with its antibacterial, emollient and softening properties make it ideal for hair and scalp care.

Two-for-one care? Does your shampoo do that?

2. Honey Stimulates Hair Growth

If you're not sold on oral hair growth supplements, try adding honey to your routine for a natural stimulant.

Because it is an emollient, honey seals in moisture and sustains conditioning while its antioxidant properties protect strands against environmental damage. Adding a few drops of this bee-produced beauty product enhances your regular wash with antiseptic elements and by strengthening hair follicles for less fallout.

3. It works as a no-poo alternative or shampoo additive.

Allow me to set the scene: You're three days' post-wash, out of dry shampoo with zero baby powder in the house. My advice? Check the kitchen.

Similarly, to how people gravitate towards an apple cider vinegar wash when their hair care routine is product-free, honey can be used as shampoo, too. Mix one tablespoon of raw honey into half a cup of water and mix well. Apply to hair like you would any traditional shampoo and rinse well.

If you've got a ride-or-die shampoo product you'd never swap out of your shower, try adding a teaspoon of honey to a dime-sized amount of your shampoo for much-needed moisture retention.

4. You Can Use It For No-Dye Highlights

A lot of people are opposed to hair dye because of the chemicals, but if you're interested in lightening your strands, honey can do so au natural.

Add a mixture of three tablespoons of honey and two tablespoons of water to damp hair, allowing the blend to sit and settle for one hour before rinsing. The key is to perform this method once a week until results are visible. It may not be as fast as a salon treatment, but there's no damage done to hair or scalp.

5. It Can Make Your Hair Shine

Winnie the Pooh got it right; milk and honey are a power couple.

Hair feels soften when it's been nourished, and honey is known for its ability to lock in moisture for long periods of time. Milk contains casein and whey proteins which strengthen strands and stimulates growth. Combine the two in one 20-minute mask (like this one a la From the Grape Vine) for salon-style treatment that results in soft, supple strands.