Pay It Forward: 4 Simple Ways To Give Back And Make The World A Better Place

by Chase Alexander

The value of a person's life is not determined by the amount of money in a bank account, a certain number of cars or the square footage of a home.

Rather, the value of a person's life is determined by how we affect others and the impact we leave on the world.

Millennials sometimes get caught up in a very self-centered and hyper-focused world that consists of career development and social media. While working our way up the corporate ladder is necessary and constructive, we sometimes become victim to a very myopic viewpoint that shuts us off from the problems that many tend to face on a global scale.

This is why it is important to give back. Whether you're the trust-fund baby of a multi-millionaire hedge fund manager or just a broke college kid, there is always time and a way to give back to others.

Giving back allows us to slow down and absorb the reality of the world in which we live instead of just walking through it the way we usually do. Giving back allows us to be more empathetic and aware of other people's struggles and reminds us that our problems are miniscule compared to the battles others face on the daily basis.

Here are some simple ways to make a contribution to the world:


Giving back does not always mean spending a boatload of cash.

In fact, blessing a person with your presence and attention may be the greatest gift of all. Spend time with your grandparents; teach your brother how to ride his bike; volunteer at the local soup kitchen; sign up to become a Big Brother or Sister.


As one of the most powerful ways to give back, money has the ability to change lives. Although odds are that you are a young (broke) kid, once you become the multi-millionaire baller you're destined to be, it's important to dish out some of that cash to those who need it.

For example, through The Giving Pledge, billionaires promise to give away the vast majority of their wealth to charity.

Furthermore, you don't have to be wealthy to donate money. Giving the homeless guy on the street a dollar or two will brighten his day.


Standing up for others and becoming a voice for the disadvantaged is a social responsibility everyone should embrace. Whether it's civil Rights, LGBT rights, or women's rights, minority groups have always needed some support from the majority to make meaningful progress.

Furthermore, advocating for another group gives you insight into another person's reality and reveals a fuller picture of the world to you.

Advocacy can also make you grateful for your own position in life by keeping you humble and socially aware.


Starting an organization or donating money to a worthy cause is a great way to give back to a specific area in which you may be interested.

Many young people are starting philanthropies and non-profit organizations. Not only do they look great on applications, but they also provide real-life experience for being a leader and working on a team. An example of this is a business called Kuki, which gives one cookie to an underprivileged child for every one cookie purchased.

As the new generation, it is our duty to make life better, not just for ourselves, but for everyone else, too. By taking these small steps, we can create better world for our children than the one we inherited.

Photo via We Heart It