4 Cool Facts About UT Austin That Every Texas Longhorn Should Know

The University of Texas at Austin is known as many things: Longhorn nation, public ivy, Playboy's 2010 top party school and Time’s 27th top-ranked university in the world.

UT is located in one of the fastest-growing cities in the nation and the live music capital of the world: Austin, Texas. From Austin City Limits to Roundup, there are so many opportunities for UT Longhorns to have fun while excelling at one of the world’s most prestigious universities.

Here are four things every Texas Longhorn should know:

Texas 101: Football

Aside from its rigorous academics, the University of Texas offers many experiences that can, at times, feel larger than life. They say everything is bigger in Texas, which is absolutely true when it comes to football.

In case you couldn’t gather this truth from "Friday Night Lights," football, at any level, is very important in Texas. Many refer to football season at UT as an initiation period for freshmen — after setting foot into Darrell K. Royal stadium, you’re officially a Longhorn for life.

Sometimes, UT Longhorns are in for a special treat when they get to cheer the team to victory alongside famous alumni, such as Matthew McConaughey.

Whether the team is on a losing streak or making a winning comeback, the pride that UT football garners is legendary.

Greek Life

The term “Greek Life” does not properly reflect what the University of Texas has in store for its students. With more than 60 chapters, UT Austin offers one of the largest Greek societies.

In addition to traditional Greek life chapters, UT also has male, female and co-ed spirit groups. What’s a spirit group, you may ask? They’re basically smaller versions of sororities and fraternities, but without the national status.

Some spirit groups have been apart of the university for decades, such as Texas Spirits. There are also groups that are quite new, but are already making a name for themselves, such as the Texas Royals.

Spirit groups are often viewed as tamer than the traditional sororities and fraternities. They don’t have rush, competition amongst peers is less intense, and they tend to be more diverse.

What's even better about spirit groups is that students still get to experience the same great sisterhood, brotherhood and lifelong friendships.


Being miles away from your family’s free home cooking, food becomes much more valuable. When on-campus events involve free food, don’t be surprised to see a line of students rushing to get it.

Furthermore, Austin is well known for many of its unique restaurants and cuisines. Places like Amy's Ice Cream, Austin’s Pizza and Franklin’s Barbecue are popular local businesses.

Not to mention, no state takes more pride in its barbecue than Texas. In fact, Franklin’s Barbecue is one of the top barbecue joints in the nation. On some days, customers begin lining up as early as 5 am and the restaurant closes when it sells out, which happens almost every day.

Another unique UT experience for students involves the awesome food trucks. In Austin, food trucks are so popular you can find them every few blocks.

Whether you're on a study break or just looking for a quick bite to eat, the eclectic foods they offer are affordable, delicious and among a vast variety of cuisine!

Enjoy Life, But Remember…

Attending a top school in such an amazing city can often leave students feeling unfocused and distracted from what really matters.

It’s encouraged to have fun and explore, but make sure your social life comes secondary to your academic life. You are here to earn a degree and change the world, after all! Being involved is great, but remember that if you slack, your grades will likely lack.

It's also important to keep in mind that these are going to be some of the best years of your life. Don’t let a single opportunity go unnoticed and don't let a single moment pass you by. Remember to call home regularly to share your adventures with those who love and miss you.

These four years will take your through remarkable journeys and will help shape you into the person that you’re meant to become.


Photo Courtesy: Tumblr