3 Ways To Stand Up Against Bullies In The Work Environment

by Sarah Anton

We've all heard of the movie "Horrible Bosses," and some of us even lived vicariously through the amazing dangerous plans the three best friends devised and attempted to execute.

For those of us who would do anything to give our bosses a taste of their own medicine, resolving to the "Horrible Bosses" tactic might sound like a good idea.

Unfortunately, we can't all meet our own Motherf*cker Jones to teach us how to properly commit a crime.

Therefore, we must revert to more professional, sneaky plans to get across the message: You will no longer be bullied in the work environment.

Here are three appropriate responses for when you are bullied at work:

1. Stand Up to The Bully

If your boss is a bully, it might seem like a scary move, but there's absolutely no reason you should take sh*t from anyone.

If the movie "Horrible Bosses" taught us anything, it's that not confronting a bully will only worsen your situation.

Letting your boss yell at you whenever he sees fit won't give you that promotion. Hyperventilating at the thought of going to work doesn't mean you're working hard.

Stand up to the bully. Tell this person that the threats, screaming and manipulation no longer work on you.

Let him or her know you will take this matter to the board (if it's your boss) or the HR department (if it's your coworker) unless it stops immediately.

Then, watch as the bully is destabilized and enjoy the show.

2. Talk to the HR Department

If your boss is not the one bullying you, he or she still can't do much about the situation aside from giving instructions to the HR department.

So, why not skip the whole bureaucratic paperwork and go directly to the source?

Talk with the HR department about bullying at work and let them know how it affects your performance when someone yells, humiliates and intimidates you in the work place.

Let them know you signed a contract to work in an intimidation-free zone and demand for it to be respected.

They'll take care of it for you.

3. Give the Bully a Taste of His/Her Medicine

Regardless if it's your boss or a coworker, if the bully keeps on bullying you, why not stoop to his or her level for a bit and do the same?

I'm not condoning bullying in any way, but if someone just will not back off and there's absolutely nothing you can do (legally) about it, sometimes, it's best to take matters into your own hands.

When the bully starts raising his or her voice, start raising yours, as well.

Show the bully that you, too, can express yourself and you are not scared of being made a target of harassment, as you will not stand for such treatment, especially in the workplace.

Chances are, after the bully sees you standing up for yourself, the bullying and harassment will come to a halt.

Although there is no legal pursuit available today for bullying in the workplace, you have options.

If all else fails, check with your State's legislature to see if there is something you can do to resolve the issue, even if it's minimal.

No one should be bullied at work. Take a stand for yourself, and for others you may see being victimized in the workplace.