3 People, 3 Places And 4 Things That Make People Of Boston Strong

Bostonians aren’t often referred to as friendly people.

We’re not the first group of individuals that comes to mind when describing kind, considerate or patient human beings.

But, if you’re looking for emotionally and physically strong people, look no further than Bean Town itself.

When President Obama referred to the city as a tough and resilient town, in response to the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings, he was completely and accurately describing an entire body of people who knew a thing or two about never backing down from a fight.

It spurred the term “Boston Strong,” which became a viral sensation — one still commonly heard today.

It also sparked one of the funniest, most touching speeches from Stephen Colbert, who questioned why anyone would attack the Boston Marathon, “an event celebrating people who run 26 miles on their day off until their nipples are raw — for fun.”

And he made a valid point.

If both the president of the United States and one of the most notable comedians of all time calls your city tough, then you better believe it’s true.

Here’s some more proof that we’re pretty f*cking tough, kid:

The People

1. The Patriots

Deflategate may have been swept under the rug soon after it was discovered the team did nothing wrong, but it will always be a sore subject for Bostonians. It questioned the integrity of our people, and that kind of thing doesn’t fly around here.

We didn’t see it as just another silly cheating allegation. It was a major accusation that came painstakingly close to completely tainting the decades of hard work and success the team worked for.

Football prodigy Tom Brady shut down those allegations quickly and proceeded to win yet another Super Bowl (all while battling a cold). Put that kind of pressure on any other sports team and watch them instantly crumble.

2. The actual Patriots 

Let’s not forget this city was founded on rebellion and strength. The first Bostonians left the comfort of their own homes in England, traveled by boat across what they were told was a round Earth and ended up in a brand new world with zero help or resources.

This is a city that boasts early ancestors who were total badasses. It’s in our blood to be tough.

3. Massholes 

Put one Masshole in a lineup of average-looking people, and you’ll be able to pick him out instantly.

Even if he ditched the Boston hat and kept his big “B” tattoo out of sight, the Masshole persona will somehow continue to radiate off his body.

He'll joke around and be your best friend one minute, and he'll hone in on your greatest weakness and shoot you down the next.

Just don’t speak badly of Tom Brady (or cut him off in traffic or look at him funny).

The Places

1. The pubs 

Only in the city of Boston are you able to get a history lesson and a good buzz all in one spot.

The Bell in Hand Tavern, for one, has been around since 1795, and it’s only grown in popularity since its founding.

You’re not a true Bostonian unless you frequent the classic bar and chug Sam Adams until you spew obscenities and get kicked out.

Don’t worry, though; they’ll let you back in eventually. We don’t hang onto grudges here.

2. The Freedom Trail 

A major tourist attraction, The Freedom Trail is a 2.5-mile pathway that takes visitors on a stroll through 16 of the most historic sites in the city. Just a few steps down the trail and you’ll realize why Bostonians are so proud of their city.

You'll also see just how strong we’ve always been. How many events that shaped American history took place in your hometown? That’s what we thought.

3. Cobblestones 

Whether you’re walking to work in your business best or taking on the town for a night out, you better throw on a pair of sneakers.

Those who aren’t familiar with the wrath of the Boston cobblestones will end their nights long before they begin with a trip to the ER.

But, rest assured: You’re in wicked good hands; Boston is home to some of the best hospitals in the world, which will wrap up your ankle and send you on your way in no time.

The Things

1. The volatile weather 

Anyone who made it through this past winter became slightly tougher thanks to the countless snowstorms that pummeled the town and almost buried it alive.

We got 94 inches in a 30-day span. Think about that for a second: A winter that should have caused Bostonians to eat their weight in pizza and fried food ended up molding us all into 6-pack-donning, bicep-bulging monsters, thanks to the hours of daily shoveling.

2. Public transportation

We’re not New York or DC. We don’t provide visitors with a clear, organized city grid.

Our town is full of weird one-ways, endless construction projects that shut down major roads and aggressive drivers who disregard all common traffic laws.

Our buses don’t really run on consistent schedules, and the subway isn’t even called the subway. It’s called “the T” because that’s what we feel like calling it. Sometimes it runs above ground; get used to it.

3. Local films

Watching “Good Will Hunting,” “The Town,” “The Departed” and basically any other movie starring Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are rites of passages for those who live in Boston.

On any given day, you’re likely to be hit with a quote or two from one of the aforementioned films, and if you don’t shoot back another line or give the commenter the praise he deserves, you’ll lose an ounce of respect in his eyes.

Really, you’re disrespecting the city by not familiarizing yourself with these cinematic gems.

4. Superfans

Bostonians are as loyal as we are strong. Red Sox fans had to endure decades of loss until we were finally cut a break.

We’re the only town where police officers place a higher riot watch on the days our teams win than on the days they lose.

Basically, we’re crazy motherf*ckers, and you’d be lucky to have one of us on your side.