3 Ways To Make Sure You're Actually Having Fun At A Party

by Nora Amanda

It’s no secret that social interactions can often result in awkward, uncomfortable experiences. Nowhere is this more evident than when trying to navigate the party scene.

Despite that cute new dress you’re wearing and despite your attempts to get into the “party zone” for the past three hours (blasting Miley Cyrus while screaming “TWERK-OFF!” to your friends), parties are not always guaranteed fun.

Luckily, there are some tricks you can pull out whenever you want instant amusement at a party when you aren’t having as much fun as you presumed you would.

1. Create A Character

You’re covered in their sweat, so you might as well get to know them. That’s right, folks, I’m talking about the strangers jammed next to you, screaming song lyrics with such ferocity that the sound reverberates throughout your very core. Strangers, like the man who offered me candy once said, are just friends you haven’t yet met. So, put this mantra to work and get friendly!

But here’s the fun twist: create a character — your party alias, if you will — who will get to know your fellow party-goers. Think of a backstory: Who is this person? What is her purpose? And — most importantly — does she or does she not have an accent? My party alias is Yolanda, a charming exchange student. Ta-da! Now how’s that for fun? Maybe this party persona of yours is the complete opposite of how you normally are. Maybe this party persona requires you to dole out back massages in between testing new dance moves. The choice is yours!

2. Learn How To Move

That is, learn the importance of dance! When the crowd starts dissipating and you feel your enthusiasm lowering, fear not. The party has just begun! Regardless of the type of party, and regardless of whether or not you are enjoying it, dance is one way to have guaranteed fun. But, it’s a certain type of dance — something I call, “innovative dance.” It’s basically a mix between interpretative dance and the moves you make when you’re trying to fit into a tight pair of jeans.

As people trickle off the dance floor, watch out world — it’s your time to shine. Let loose those crazy moves you’ve stored inside for far too long. Jazz-hands, pirouettes, pop-lock-and-dropping, try it all! With your friends cheering you on as the “life of the party,” good vibes will practically ooze out of your every pore. You’re having fun, you’re wondering why you never pursued this talent further and suddenly, you realize, “Hey, as long as I’m with my friends, laughing it up, who needs a party? I AM the party!”

3. Get Comfortable With Weird

Because, weird is the pathway to fun. Go up to people you don’t know (and will never see again) and tell them your friends think they’re cute. Then run away. Or, while two people are grinding on the dance floor, causally mention, “Hey, if you two had a kid, it would look like me!” Then flash them a smile and get the hell out of there.

Who cares if you’re not invited to the next bash? Who cares if when you eventually leave the party, unanimous shouts of cheer follow you on your way out? That only means you’re doing it right.

Photo via We Heart It