22 Life Skills You Have That You Can Thank Your High School Friends For


The friends you make in high school are unlike any other type of friend you will make in your lifetime.

They knew you when you confined by the rules of your parents; they knew you when you finally got your license (aka your first taste of freedom); they knew you when they were helping you raid you parents' liquor cabinet for yet another night of underage debauchery.

They have been by your side through thick and thin and have definitely witnessed their fair share of craziness while alongside you. And isn't that why you guys are still as close as ever?

There are certain things that you learn during your high school years that will last a lifetime and you have those friends to thank for that! So what are some of those things?

1. Your love of fast food

Do you really have anyone else to blame thank for your love of all that is greasy holy?

2. The no-shame in your game throw up policy

Throwing up is just a casualty of war, and one that you have made peace with long, long ago.

It's no wonder your friends now always go to you when they are feeling sick since you've been dealing with this since high school.

3. Your fear of missing out

Before high school, FOMO was never a thing; unfortunately, this has carried well into your adult life.

4. Your manipulative relationship with your parents

You know exactly how to phrase what it is that you want because you've been perfecting this routine since the day you got your license.

5. Being able to fall sleep anywhere

Sleepovers in high school were always interesting because there never was enough room for everyone to fit. Maybe that's why you currently don't mind crashing on a friend's floor.

6. Your addiction to retail therapy

What was every high schooler's favorite after-school activity? Going to the mall, of course.

7. Your impeccable skills at shotgunning beers and playing beer pong

Sure, you may have not been old enough to purchase the beer, but it didn't stop you from drinking it!

8. How to inhale without coughing

You still impress people with your massive bong hits and the fact that you can actually keep it down.

9. How to talk your way out of speeding tickets

And any other ticket you could ever possibly encounter.

10. How to be high around adults

If only you could claim this skill on your résumé. You don't suffer from panic attacks that come from being high in public because you've mastered this problem approximately 10 years ago.

11. Getting into college

How many times did you have to ask yours friends to copy their homework or their test answers? There is no doubt that you wouldn't have gotten this far without them.

12. How to do your homework efficiently

"OK, you do the odd section and I'll do the even and then we will trade them with that kid who sits next to you for next week's answer..."

13. The ability to make use of anybody's closet

You started borrowing clothes during your high school years and perfected it throughout college. You can literally be thrown into any stranger's closet and make an amazing outfit.

14. A network of an extended family across the country

You have places to stay all across the country since your friends are dispersed across states. You can really thank them for having any excuse to take a vacation.

15. Future weddings to serve as reunions

Is there any better way to celebrate a reunion than at a wedding? You are finally all together and of legal drinking age and everyone has matured — hopefully.

16. Learning how to sneak alcohol into places

This is a skill that will last you a lifetime. Who has the budget to spend at bars? Also sneaking alcohol when you're not supposed to makes the event twice as fun.

17. How to lie your way out of anything

High school was all about deceiving your parents so you could sneak out and stay out longer. It also came in handy when you accidentally ran into a mailbox while learning to drive in their car.

18. How to fit 10 people in a taxi

No one ever wanted to be the designated driver in high school, which only meant one thing: shoving as many people in one vehicle as possible.

19. How to weed out the fake people

High school drama is probably the worst you faced in your entire life, which is why you can spot a fake person a mile away. This is perhaps one of the more valuable things you learned during those years.

20. Making you feel better about all the terrible dating choices you made

Chances are they made just as many terrible decisions as you did... and thank God for that.

21. Basically how to rationalize every terrible decision you've ever made

The awkward years are really prime time for terrible decisions to be made.

22. Your ability to multitask while driving

Sure, this isn't safe, but that isn't something you really grasp until you are a mature adult. Back in the day, you were checking directions, changing the music and making phone calls all at the same damn time.