20 Reasons Your High School Sports Teammates Know You Best

by Joshua Fechter

They were good times. In fact, some of the best. There's nothing like being young, naïve and passionate about sports.

The adrenaline rush, the bond you have with your teammates and the celebrations are more than enough to make high school unforgettable.

Whether you were going up against all odds and then won, were on a team that struggled all year or on a championship team, the emotions you shared playing sports make up an unforgettable part of your life.

Your high school sports teammates are friends for a lifetime. Chances are, they saw you during your lowest and highest moments, as well a lot of drunken ones.

Here are 20 reasons your high school sports teammates know you best:

1. Seeing you at your lowest

It didn't matter whether you had an awful game, family problems or were too hard on yourself; your sports buddies were there for you.

They knew you were a key part of the team and worked hard to keep it that way.

2. Seeing you at your highest

Whether you had the best game of your life or won a championship, they were with you when you couldn't even find the words to express your happiness.

3. Lunch-time clique

Not only are you guys teammates, you're also best friends. And, like all best friends, you sit together during lunch, share your food and try not to be late for class every day.

4. Locker room intensity

The energy when you're getting dressed with only minutes until game-time can be incredible.

During half-time, when you have to keep up the momentum or get psyched for a comeback and everyone is looking to the coach to inspire, there's a tremendous amount of emotion drawn from everyone.

5. Victory parties

When everyone is extremely excited about the win, one of the teammates decides to hold a house party to continue the good vibes.

Then, everyone drinks until they're blacked out. Those victory parties can get crazy quickly.

6. Losing parties

Drowning your sorrows is never sweeter than when you do it with your entire team. Sometimes, they are just as crazy as the victory parties because the best way to relieve stress is to let loose.

7. Two-a-days

You guys went through HELL and back together.

8. Unwarranted egos

Even when your team is bad, at least you're on the team, so that makes you better than everyone else, right? It's easy to think that, since your teachers know from where the money and publicity for the school comes.

9. Injuries

Recovering from an injury can be among the most difficult obstacles to surmount. There's no better support system than your teammates, who want you back and ready for game-time as soon as possible.

10. Food

If you're exercising, you're eating more than usual. Not only does your team love to eat food together, but you know all the best restaurants and fast food places near your school.

11. Initiation

No one said it would be easy. Having to overcome a little extra just to be part of the team helps you develop a strong mental bond with your teammates.

12. The weight room

If you're not eating, you're probably lifting. Gym partners help you keep in shape and make sure you're focused come game time.

13. Dependability

Need to borrow notes or a ride back to your house? No problem. Sports players will go to extra length to make sure their teammates' lives are in order.

14. Not taking school seriously

The teachers and principal go a little easier on you, which promotes you to slack off. Moreover, when you're on a sports team, school always comes second.

15. War cry

Whether it's a song or a captain that gathers everyone together for a speech at every half-time, you won't ever forget it.

The fiery look in everyone's eyes while their hearts race during this peak moment of team ritual is unlike any other.

16. Summer is never the same

When you think of summer toward the end of the school year, you become stoked to have time to relax and have fun. But then you remember: There's summer practice.

17. Playing through pain

Having a teammate who's willing to sacrifice through pain to help achieve a common goal with you is one of the greatest bonding experiences ever.

18. Competing for a starting position

There's nothing like working incredibly hard for something and then seeing it happen. By working hard, you push your team to reach higher, and as a result, you develop better relationships.

19. Competing to play in college

Some of your teammates may want to play in college for fun, and some will try to win a scholarship because that's the only way they can pay for school.

Either way, this is one of the more defining moments in some of their lives.

20. Believing in each other

The only teams that succeed are the ones that trust each and believe they will perform to the best of their abilities. Playing sports is a team effort that focuses on having the heart to support each and push every member to be great.