20 Reasons Why You Should Date The Girl Who Wasn't Popular In High School

by Dan Scotti

You can tell a lot about people by how the recollect their high school experience.

If they say high school was "the best years ever," still wearing their varsity letterman jacket (six years after graduation) – well, then you know pretty confidently that their current phase of life ain't too hot.

If their recollections of high school are, I dunno, maaan, "hazy" at best?  Chances are, they were probably the burnouts of the bunch.

For the purpose of this piece, however, I’d like to focus on the people who remember high school a little differently. Specifically, those who weren’t as “popular” as others.

While the possibility of being "unpopular" in high school typically poses one of the biggest fears adolescents face en route to adulthood – in my opinion, it's probably for the best.

Sure, this might be hard to conceptualize – especially after watching seven seasons of "Boy Meets World" – but I promise you there are benefits to being "not so cool" in high school.

One step further, I think these people are by far the most datable ones years after graduation.

Here are 20 reasons why you should go for the girl who wasn't popular in high school [gasp].

20. She hasn’t peaked already.

Do you really want to date a girl whose best years were wedged in between 10th and 12th grade?

When you date a girl who wasn’t so popular in high school, you’re almost assured she hasn’t peaked yet – unless “peaking” refers to watching Lifetime movies with mom on Friday nights.

19. She’s humble.

By not associating with the “cool kids,” or having any type of say regarding lunch table politics, she’s probably aware of how gross the human ego can be.

She’ll never act too cool to try new things or associate with different people.

18. She was forced to have a personality.

When dad said no to that Juicy Couture jumpsuit – many Hanukkahs back – she learned at a young age the importance of building a strong personality instead of a collection of material possessions.

She didn’t depend on a group of people to secure any type of social standing, and the relationships she made were always authentic.

17. She’s empathetic towards others.

When you’re caught up in the bubble that is high school, it’s not uncommon to lose sight of everything else, including the feelings of others.

She never got caught up distinguishing between who’s a geek and who’s “socially acceptable” to be seen with, and that taught her compassion and empathy toward all people.

16. She doesn’t subject herself to peer pressure.

She never felt the urge to engage in certain activities because “all the cool kids” were doing them, and this helped mold her into the independent thinker she is today.

Realistically, I doubt she regrets missing out on a lot of the stupid sh*t “the cool kids” did in high school.

15. She doesn’t have a long sexual history.

High school can be a, well, let’s just say promiscuous time for a lot of young adults.

I mean, one of the benefits to staying in on the weekend is staying out of other places, too – like the STD clinic or Planned Parenthood center.

14. You’ll always be good in her eyes.

While most popular girls in high school will accumulate an impressive record by the time they graduate, exclusively dating the captains of various sports teams, it’s rather the opposite for those who weren’t as “cool.”

This plays out great for you, as you won’t ever have to worry about drawing any comparisons to her high school ex (who played “lax” and had righteous hair).

13. She has thick skin.

Maybe in the literal sense, which is fine as well, and maybe not.

Regardless, she’s never let the opinions of others knock her off her path. She’s confident in her own self-worth and no words, regardless of how bitter they might be, could tell her otherwise.

12. She’s independent.

She doesn’t rely on anyone but herself to get the things she wants.

While it might have been the cool thing in high school, to roll up to parties with 10 chicks behind you, in the real world – when you’re an adult – it really doesn’t have the same pizzazz.

11. She knows how to hold her own, past her physical appearance.

She never had to maintain an “image” in high school. She focused on the other aspects of her individuality and, frankly, it’s paying dividends now.

She’s a conversationalist. She has unique interests. Simply put, she’s not caught up on physical aspects to life because she understands that the most beautiful things are so for reasons we can’t see.

10. She doesn’t expect any handouts.

She doesn’t expect anything, really. Whether it be an invite to some party, an excused absence or attention in general – these types of things never came easy to her and, subsequently, she doesn’t take anything for granted.

She understands how precious opportunities are and strives to make the most of them, whatever they might be.

9. She isn’t concerned with the opinions of others.

They say “lions don’t lose sleep over the opinion of sheep”? Well, the most confident women won’t lose sleep over the opinion of anyone – let alone some girl who’s deemed “popular” in high school.

8. She’s already used to being ignored.

Just trolling.

7. She appreciates quality of friendships over quantity.

She understands that one good friend is more important than 20 sh*tty people who you can’t really say you trust.

While the popular table in high school may appear to be brimming with kids bound together by lifelong ties, in reality – to quote the legend, Frank Ocean – they’re usually just a bunch of super rich kids with nothing, but fake friends.

6. She doesn’t dwell in her past.

There’s nothing worse than spending your time with someone who would rather float around some dimension of time in the past, and reminisce about how good things “used to be.”

Sure, high school might’ve been fun – then again, it might’ve been horrible – either way, it’s in the past, and certain things are just better left there.

5. She’s a nonconformist.

Nonconformists are sexy. They’re edgy. Nobody wants to date a girl who’s merely a clone of the girls she surrounded herself by in high school.

She blazed her own trails in high school, even if that meant blazing something else on the weekends – while the rest of the high school stole liquor out of their parents cabinets.

4. She will open your eyes to new things.

She has a different outlook on life. Certain things you might find trivial, she may show you a deeper meaning to.

High school is a time for growth and sometimes being “popular” stunts that growth – or at least confines it to the boundaries of what’s cool or not.

3. She gives zero f*cks.

Realistically, if she were really concerned with what people thought – she probably could’ve pulled the “social strings” that would’ve landed her at the popular table.

She didn’t though, and that’s because she honestly gives zero f*cks what other people think about her.

Some of the best advice given to me is, “at the end of the day, the winner is the person who gives less.” F*cks, that is.

2. She doesn’t get caught up in the scene.

The scene is a wonderfully smothering place. The “scene” is not one place, it’s everywhere – whether that be so-and-so’s backyard one night, some random club or Prague that semester abroad.

Regardless of where the “scene” migrated to, it never concerned her because she did things that she wanted to. Not the things everyone else did.

1. She probably has a great taste in music and a killer bohemian style.

Maybe I’m stereotyping. Maybe I’m only being a realist. Maybe I’ve just seen too many 90s teen movies in my day.

Nevertheless, behind almost every unpopular high school chick, there’s usually a killer taste in music and a pair of paint covered overalls that you’d probably pay extra for in stores, today.

And behind that killer taste in music and grungy style, there’s usually Freddie f*ckin’ Prinz Jr., so you better stop reading and make a move, kid.