7 Things Every Big Sister Learns Over The Years From Her Younger Siblings

Being a big sister is one of the greatest natural gifts a girl can have; it means having an automatic best friend for the rest of your life.

It's someone with whom you can swap stories, someone who will always listen and believe everything you say — no matter how completely wrong you actually are. If you're a big sister, consider yourself to be one lucky girl.

Not only do I adore my little sisters, I adore being their big sister.

No matter how common it is for younger sisters to learn from their older sisters, I'm living proof that older sisters learn just as much, if not more, from baby sisters.

My adult life would be much different without having learned the lessons being an older sister taught me:

1. People don't forget.

The good, bad and ugly, which you thought were completely in the past, remain fresh in many people's minds.

Take it from your little sister, who will, in fact, remind you of the time she caught you sneaking in when she asks for a favor. While it may not have been a big enough deal for you to remember, to someone else, it may have been. So, don't be so quick to brush something off.

2. Your opinions and thoughts do have an influence, so make them count.

Your little sister may have been the first to trust and listen to your opinions, but she won't be the last. Learn from the influence you had on her and keep in mind that what you say does affect people.

When you remember your influence for good rather than evil, it can be quite a gift. I mean, consider how great your baby sister turned out, thanks, in part, to you.

3. You can scare away boys, but the right man will stick around. Those are the ones who deserve your respect, anyway.

I fancy myself quite a pro in older sister intimidation tactics. Some of my little sisters' exes may agree, but the current guys who are sticking around unfortunately do not. When you see how your scare tactics work through your little sister's romantic life, use it as a motivation for your own.

The right guy stayed for her and he will for you, too. He won't run away scared so easily, no matter the emotional issues you totally do not have.

4. If you present a fact confidently, someone will believe you, no matter how wrong you are.

True story: I told my little sister that the main characters in "Mary Poppins" and "The Wizard of Oz" were the same actresses.

She found out they were actually not the same woman, when she presented my false piece of knowledge to her entire class. Although it may have scarred her for life, it taught me that confidence is key.

5. You can only be a bully for so long until it catches up with you.

Yes, mom found out — and so will your boss. That intern you've been sending on personal errands will spill the beans. He won't even necessarily rat you out in the annoying tattletale way that can get him in trouble.

The intern's innocence, similar to your 5-year-old sister's, makes you the unnecessary bully and him the absolute victim.

Avoid the mess and just don't bully. It's dumb.

6. Wait to be asked before relaying advice.

Your sister didn't listen when you tried to tell her the older frat boy was just using her. Your adult friends won't, either, when you tell them they should stop taking shots. You know why? None of them asked you.

If they don't ask, they don't care about your advice because they know better and are willing to make the mistake on their own. Your sisters are the first ones to teach you that unsolicited advice almost never works. So just wait to be asked.

7. You matter.

No one will make you feel like your tiny existence in this giant world matters more than your annoying, kiss-up, beautifully amazing, loving little sisters.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It