Sista, Sista: 15 Things All Female Roommates Know Are Absolute Facts


There are a lot of very impracticable things about Monica and Rachel’s NYC apartment. For example, how they are able to afford so much space (with a balcony!!!), given their somewhat ordinary circumstances?

"Friends" fanatics around the world don’t seem to care because their relationship as roommates is brilliant. But, it is the opposite of impracticable. It is hilarious and sisterly, exasperating and inappropriate, and yet, in the most uncanny way, it’s convincing. Why? It’s accurate.

Girl roommates are all of those things. And, if you’ve had the honor of living with a female friend, here are all of the reasons we love our Monica and Rachel moments.

15. You get ready together to N'SYNC Pandora.

Nothing gets you going in the morning quite like a little “Tearin’ Up My Heart” and some kickass dance moves.

14. There's chalkboard paint everywhere.

Leaving notes and reminding each other how great you look in that outfit makes for a day 100 times better. Girls understand validation and the need for it. We also have a secret 12-year-old side in us just waiting to draw a penis on your door, let’s be real.

13. Everything is wine-themed.

Cork shadow boxes, empty bottles filled with twinkle lights, wine glasses with your name on it, the possibilities are endless.

12. You are more likely to have champagne than milk in the fridge.

She won’t judge your mimosa at 9 pm. Matter of fact, she’ll probably join you.

11. The DVR is packed with "Real Housewives" episodes.

Who’s worried about the playoff games taking up too much room? Not me. I know that every Tuesday night I get to hang out with Lisa Vanderpump, and keep it saved for as long as my little heart desires.

I can also count on my roommate recording the Disney throwback episodes of "Lizzie McGuire" because she gets me like that.

10. Tampons are conveniently located in a wine glass atop the toilet. No shame.

It looks so much prettier than in a big ol’ box, so we made a little bouquet in a wine glass to stay organized.

9. When you're mad at your boyfriend, there's no better place to go than home.

Even if you have absolutely no reason to be mad -- we all know that the giant pink elephant in the room is feeding off of senseless, irrational hormones --, you know she is fully prepared with all of the right lines: “What a dick!” “Wow, you are totally right.” “How could he not get that?” “Let’s open some Chardonnay.”

8. You’re probably on the same menstrual cycle, and it's not okay.

Someone should create an evacuation shelter for when this happens.

7. Holidays have never been more fun.

With more than one socialite under the same roof, you can bet we’ll find any reason to throw a party. And, whether it’s planned or last minute, you can expect it to be fabulous.

6. Walking around in underwear is 100 percent acceptable.

Because sitting on the floor with a bowl of Fruit Loops, while in your underwear, is sometimes all we need in life.

5. Your closets eventually morph into one.

It’s not like she can steal your clothes if you know where they are, and we all know we feel prettier swapping sweaters for a day.

4. Hand soaps are taken very seriously.

What is the point in September if hand washing doesn’t smell like apple pie?!

3. Crying to "Dancing With The Stars" is common.

Sometimes, those dances can be very meaningful, and just when you start to feel creepy for shedding a tear, you see your roommate reach for the tissues and it’s all relative.

2. You don’t have to hide your Target bags.

When I say I’m running to Target for groceries, she knows I mean three pairs of shoes and a throw pillow.

1. It will be one of the best times of your life.

Finding a good roommate is not an easy undertaking, but if and when you do, you will agree with me in that nothing will ever compare.

You will laugh more, cry more and probably drink more than any other time in your life. You will analyze the sh*t out of too many situations, make fun of life, dance your way down the stairs and avoid mowing the lawn.

You will have someone who gets it, without any of those confusing boundaries, because you become the kind of sisters that only roommates will understand. It’s like a second childhood, only better, because this time, there’s wine.