Separating The Real From The Fake: 10 Ways To Tell If Someone Is A True Artist

by Kokil Sharma

Behind every great success and achievement, there is hard work, dedication and sacrifice.

Most people who have achieved something substantial in life will tell you that there are no shortcuts to success. You have to work hard and persevere. However, it seems things have been a little different lately.

There are so many wannabes who have made it to celebrity status and have become a huge part of our lives through social media and television. It feels like every Tom, Dick and Harry is on TV, and America loves making stupid people famous.

It's not very hard to tell when someone is undeserving and faking his or her way to success, but now, it seems to be the norm. A true artist, in the form of a painter, singer, actor or a designer will always stand out for his or her “work,” not for tweets and selfies.

Here are some qualities that you will always find in true artists:

1. They are focused on their art, not on selling themselves.

True artists do not believe in selling their image. They believe in selling their “idea” and understand the difference between “selling” and “sharing.”

True artists have a gift that they “share” with the world and inspire people through their work.

2. They do not work for money; money works for them.

When you are connected to your creative side, there is no fear of money. As an artist, you “create” a piece with love, confidence and belief in yourself.

You do whatever you do for the sake of the task at hand without caring so much about the results; the money just flows in naturally.

When an artist’s intentions are pure and simple, money follows wherever he or she goes.

3. They are free-spirited.

A true artist always minds his or her own business and does not get carried away by other people. He or she is self-assured and grateful for little things in life. True artists love what they do, but they do not obsess over it.

They run their own race and believe in healthy competition. They are always aware of what's going on around them, but their focus is only on their own path. True artists are confident about their art, generous at heart and free of ego.

4. They love what they do.

Work is play for true artists. They fulfill their dreams through art and never have to "work" a day in their life. They do not work for money, power or fame, only for the love and passion for their craft.

True artists work out of choice rather than necessity.

5. They don't care what the world thinks.

It always hurts when people judge or give harsh comments, but true artists do not care for too long. They understand that they make art for the love of it, not to please anyone. A true artist's work reflects his or her life and thoughts.

When a true artist is creating a piece of art, there is nothing else on his or her mind; it is an escape from the real world.

6. They never stop learning.

A true artist constantly educates his or herself and is aware of the changes happening in an area of work. He or she always walks on the path of self-development and keeps up with the changing times.

True artists are learners for life; they believe in growth and are always focused on improving their craft.

7. Practice makes perfect.

No matter how rich, successful or well-established an artist might be, he or she never stops practicing.

A true artist's passion is independent of external factors. Creating art sets true artists free, and they practice their craft every day to get better for their own good.

8. They do not compete.

True artists believe in healthy competition or no competition at all. They realize they are unique and exceptional in their own way.

There is nothing and no one that can replace them because of their unique individual talent.

9. They take mental breaks from time to time.

True artists realize that in order to carry on being good at their work, they need to take time out to do other things. They value their personal life as much as they value art. They understand the importance of taking mental and physical breaks in order to rejuvenate on a regular basis.

10. They stay grounded and humble.

Art connects people to their soul, which makes a true artist humble and grounded. A truly successful artist will never put others down.

True artists are surely proud of their work, but they never underestimate others.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It