10 Times Your Office Felt More Like A Sitcom Than A Workplace

by Arohie Chopra

Who came up with the genius idea of setting up cubicles like a rat maze and squishing highly emotional and ambitious beings in tight spaces?

Isn't the set-up bound for drama? In the hit mock reality TV show, "The Office," Michael Scott, played by Steve Carell, was the star (in his own mind).

Yet, it was his quirky colleagues and their dramatic takes on mundane office scenarios that truly made the show such a hit.

I mean, how many of you wished you could meet Dwight Schrute in person?

Some scenes were so relatable I was almost convinced the writers were talking about my workplace.

If you're having a stressful week and simply want to sit back and laugh amidst the spectacle, here are 10 incidents every office experiences that should really be live on the air:

1. When there's a new hire.

Did someone internally also want the job? Is he or she cute? Where will he or she sit? Is he or she even qualified for this position? Does he or she have a criminal record?

Ah, so many angles for a hilarious episode!

2. When the entire day is spent talking about the thermostat settings.

Person A is sweating buckets (and going through menopause). Person B is shivering with three layers of clothing on.

You are quietly sitting between the two, acting like a gatekeeper and holding the key of the thermostat as they throw missiles across your cubicle.

3. When someone wears questionable attire.

There's always that one person in every office who just doesn't understand the difference between girls-night-out attire, gym wear and business casual.

I wish I could forget the things I have seen (or better yet, share them on television).

4. When weird new rules are imposed.

Please do not loiter around the garbage bin. No one is allowed to feed the animals cohabiting on our office grounds. You can only use font Comic Sans MS pt 7.

When someone is in a position of authority, it's inevitable his or her inner dictator will be revealed. If only we could capture it on film!

5. When people quickly close their display screens.

Are they chatting online? Are they active on social media during the work hours? Are they reading Elite Daily? What could they possibly be trying to hide?

We need a camera crew so we can rewind the tapes.

6. When an office party is planned.

Every office party begins with the excitement of a royal gala and ends with the disappointment of a 10-year sentencing.

7. When someone gets laid off mysteriously.

I heard he stole money. Well, I heard she filed for harassment. Remember that one time he wore a beanie indoors?

It must be because of that! Or what if she got deported? I think she's pregnant.

Oh, the rumors never end. Even if you leave the office, your legacy lives forever.

8. When the CEO comes to visit.

Is he planning to sell? Does she know I exist? Will he ask me what I'm working on?

Corporate anxiety is at maximum high when upper management is visiting.

9. When someone questions your role and/or tasks.

"So what do you do?"

"I, um, you know... That thing, with, um... Yeah. Coffee break?"

How do you get out of these situations when you have absolutely no idea what to answer? There’s plenty of opportunity for writers to be creative here.

10. When the Internet is down.

I can't work. What am I supposed to do? I feel like I'm wasting away my life. I can't breathe! What good are a telephone, pen and paper?!

When there is any IT-related problem at work, all hell breaks loose.

*Bonus* 11. When someone feels the need to CC all.

My ultimate pet peeve (and probably the worst type of workplace bullying) is the CC:All function.

The person is either trying to slyly demean your credibility to senior managers, or the person is trying to claim an idea as his or her own. Either way, these vultures bring about a great storyline.