10 Things That Perfectly Describe Our Love/Hate Relationship With Ikea

by Kayla Inglima

Chances are if you are a member of Gen-Y, you have, or at one point have had, an item purchased from IKEA.

IKEA is the answer to our furnishing prayers, but it's not all drawer organizers and butterflies.

If you are anything like me (slightly insane), you probably hate to love IKEA -- and here are a few reasons why:

1. Love: The furniture is inexpensive

We love IKEA because the furniture is inexpensive, even the most expensive pieces are still reasonable. This is why we can shop there to furnish our college dorms, or our first apartments. Where else can you get a coffee table for $20 besides, like, the Salvation Army?

2. Hate: The furniture is utter sh*t

Yes, we love that that furniture is inexpensive, but we are reminded of just why that is the case mere months later when the legs of the chair we are sitting on fall off in what would be an extremely viral video if only someone were recording it.

It is definitely a risk buying anything of real use from IKEA because, most likely, it will only last you for a short period of time.

3. Love: The furniture is actually cool and modern

Unlike furniture from many other stores, which look more fitting for the common room of a retirement community in Boca Raton, IKEA furniture is actually stylish and comes in vibrant colors, perfect for a Gen-Y abode.

4. Hate: It is f*cking impossible to put together

I think sooner or later, someone is going to petition that all major universities add a class to their Gen-Ed requirements in IKEA assembly. This sh*t is f*cking impossible. I don’t know what sick individual designed its furniture, but they  clearly have some dark demons involving Lincoln Logs or something.

5. Love: Its warehouse is like an adult playground

IKEA warehouses are amazing playground-like realms. You may enter Kitchentopia and then BAM you are now in Living Room World, filled with all the couches you could ever want. You think it can’t get any better, but then you turn the corner and you are in SHOWER CURTAIN LAND.

6. Hate: You will, literally, need a search & rescue team if you get lost in there

While the IKEA warehouses are incredible and fun to roam around in, they are also so f*cking huge that if you dare step away from your buddy (I highly suggest the buddy system when shopping in IKEA), you may end up completely lost for an indefinite amount of time. I imagine that the unending story-high aisles stacked with garbage cans are probably what hell is like. #DantesWastebasket

7. Love: The huge inventory and nearly endless choices

The choice is all yours with IKEA. You have so many different options to choose from. There are probably over a hundred different doorknob options, so you literally cannot go wrong. It is only a problem for indecisive people like myself, who will spend nearly an entire day shopping there.

8. Hate: Each piece of furniture is named something insane in Swedish like EKBY JÄRPEN

Sorry, I didn’t realize that I needed to get the Swedish Rosetta Stone in order to buy a shower mat. I understand you are a Swedish company and national pride is important yada, yada, yada, but it really wouldn’t hurt to name your products something more American, like “beer” or “pistachio.”

9. Love: Its balls

Do you know any other furniture store that has its own famed brand of meatballs? I DIDN’T THINK SO.

10. Hate: Its customer service is the worst in the entire retail industry

Ah, what inspired me to write this article? As I have penned (typed) this piece in its entirety, I have been on and off hold with the “customer service” of IKEA for 1 hour and 23 minutes. I have been transferred from Robin to Sharell, who was 100 percent eating a McGriddle sandwich while trying to help me, and I swear that she put me on hold to open a ketchup packet.

At the end of this dilemma, I was finally given some sort of help with my order that THEY made an error on. But she assured me that they “truly do apologize for the inconvenience.” Thanks IKEA, and even though I  hate you with a burning passion right now, I know I’ll be back again. Adjö!

Photo via Tumblr