10 Things More Interesting About A Girl Than Her Ass

by Alex Schnee

We’re the generation that loves the ass — specifically, the female ass.

Our songs and our culture celebrate a woman's generous derriere, and sometimes, very little else (or nothing, as Kim Kardashian has recently shown).

Not only are we under fire for cultural appropriation, but we must also wonder if there are some other feminine attributes we could praise instead. I’ve listed a few alternatives that might be healthier for us, as a society:

1. Her smile

Smiling is the ultimate sign of approval, so why aren’t more of our lyrics about how someone’s smile can change the atmosphere of a room?

It seems like there should be more comments about her grin than her posterior.

2. A sense of humor

An ass is an ass, and eventually, it won't look the same as it once did. Everything changes when someone can consistently make you laugh; days that seem awful from the start can get better after you spend some time with a person about whom you care.

A sense of humor never gets old, but sometimes, people do.

3. A sense of adventure

A girl who is willing to try new things and see the world from a different perspective is not only more fun to be around, but she will also change the way you see things for the better.

She’s willing to live her life and enjoy it with or without you, and she always has a story or two up her sleeve when things start to get a little boring.

4. Her eyes

Someone once said that eyes are “the window to the soul.”

Though it’s nice when someone (politely) compliments you about how nice you look, when he or she compliments you on your eyes, it can be a lot more meaningful.

Granted, there are many songs with lyrics devoted to young women’s eyes, but I typically prefer those songs to ones that focus on a girl’s booty.

5. Her intelligence

Want a challenge? Try and find a song about a woman who has some wits about her instead of just a banging bod.

It may not be one the of things we celebrate in a catchy chorus, but it’s amazing how someone instantly becomes more beautiful and interesting upon having a thought or two of her own.

Not to mention, you always learn something new when you are around her — a free education.

6. Her passions

Someone worth your time will also have other interests beyond appearances. She’s her own person and can make herself happy.

Whether it’s reading the great English novels or playing an instrument, our culture rarely champions those who are passionate about things that actually matter and make a person an individual.

7. Some class

A woman with a bit of class has something increasingly rare. Class doesn’t necessarily have to mean that she knows which fork to use when there are four on the table, but a woman worth valuing and celebrating will have compassion for others and self-respect.

8. Her laugh

Someone willing to laugh at herself and to see joy in life is someone whom you want to keep around long term.

Life is not all fun and games, but someone who is willing to point out that there is a bright side to everything can make life more interesting.

9. Who she is outside the club

We’ve all been there. We’ve met someone at a bar or club, exchanged numbers, then texted on and off for a day or two after.

Sometimes it works out, but most times, it doesn’t. Why? Because we learned the person to whom we are talking is not who we originally thought.

The truth is, someone genuine and worth actually getting to know will likely not be the girl who spent hours practicing her ability to twerk it on the dance floor.

10. How she treats others

In the long run, who will you respect more: A girl who feeds into cultural stereotypes and knows how to shake that booty or someone who truly makes the world a better place, just by being herself? Think about it.