10 Reasons Why Being A Stoner In Cali Is Awesome

by Julian Sonny

People move to New York to chase their dreams. People go to Europe to experience more culture. And people head to Cali to smoke mad weed.

As Kendrick Lamar once said, they only come for three things -- women, weed and weather. You won't find a more potent combination of the three anywhere else in the world. Cali's got it, hands down.

It's as if the marijuana gods came together to create this beautiful oasis with perfect living conditions for stoners everywhere. From the food, to the girls and everything in between, Cali is where you want to be if you're trying to get hella faded.

These are the ten reasons why being a stoner in Cali is awesome.

You can smoke literally anywhere you want

You get the most fire bud from Humboldt County and Mexico

You'll never get arrested for smoking in the street

You have the most stoner friendly concerts and festivals

You can go to In-N-Out whenever you have munchies

You can surf at the beach when you're stoned

You never have to deal with smoking in the cold snow

They don't even smoke weed out there, they smoke dab wax

The stoner chicks in Cali are the best in the world

Because there isn't sh*t else to do, so you can get as high as you want

Top Photo Courtesy of: Tumblr