Yes, It's Healthy: 10 Common Questions People Have About My Pescetarianism

by Alex Schnee

We’re the few, the proud: the fish eaters.

While the world is loaded with veganism, the paleo diet and vegetarianism, few seem to really know what pescetarianism is. Needless to say, that can bring about some interesting questions.

Here are the top 10 I’ve received when trying to explain my eating habits to others.

10. Is it a disease? (Usually asked by hypochondriacs.)

Nope, but if it were, I sincerely doubt I would be telling you about it while you plop a big helping of ribs on my plate. Thanks for the concern and, no, it’s not contagious -- though, it might be if you have some really great sushi. Then you’ll be a goner.

9. Is that why you are so thin? (Usually asked by people over 50.)

I’m actually not, but I think you meant that as a compliment, so I’ll take it. Though substituting fish for meat can help you to lose weight, a lot of people just like the taste better, as well.

8. Aren’t we supposed to have meat in our diets? (Usually asked by my Republican friends.)

Sure, but we can get the same benefits from other foods, as well. Frankly, I’d rather eat things without fur, but I think it’s perfectly fine if that’s what you choose for yourself. We’re all individual people with individual appetites and needs.

7.  You mean it’s not a religion? (Usually asked by really clueless people.)

No, but you know, fair enough. I would say it does kind of sound like some sort of cult, so I’ll give you a pass on that.

Actually pesce- comes from the Latin word for fish, and is just substituted for the vege- part of vegetarian.

6. Do you ever miss meat? (This is a legitimate question.)

I can’t speak for fellow pescatarians, but sometimes I do. My mother makes some incredible meatloaf, and my dad has this superb burger recipe. When I get a whiff coming from the oven or grill, my stomach tends to grumble a bit. And I miss bacon. BACON.

5. Do you ever cheat? (Usually asked by sports enthusiasts or adulterers.)

Well, I’m not married to it if that’s what you are asking. Though some pescatarians are strict followers (just like some vegetarians and vegans are), I sometimes end up savoring some delicious Bolognese sauce in Italy or ham in a croque-monsieur in Paris. It would be a shame not to try these delicacies when they are available.

4. Does that make finding something on the menu hard? (Usually asked by foodies or restaurateurs.)

Not really. The great thing about most restaurants today is that they acknowledge some of their patrons are going to have specific eating habits. Most are willing to try and adapt their menus to diet-specific needs.

3. Would you recommend pescetarianism for a healthier lifestyle? (Usually asked by people who run marathons and already look like they should be in Sports Illustrated.)

It has made a lot of people feel healthier, but it might not necessarily work for you and your lifestyle. Some people are just, well, meatier. However, you might want to consider talking to your doctor first before you start something new; they usually know best.

2. What about mercury poisoning? (Usually the hypochondriac again.)

Well, I’m not glowing yet. Everything in moderation: including tuna fish. You wouldn't want to eat too much meat or too many vegetables, either.

1. Do you mind if I eat this in front of you? (Usually asked by someone holding a large, delicious-looking burger.)

Enjoy! That looks awesome. Good thing I have this giant salmon burger right here.

Eat well, friends!

Photo Courtesy: Tumblr