F*ck Butterflies: 10 Of The Scariest (And Most Necessary) Moments In Every Person's Life

by Paul Hudson

Life is full of unknowns – and they’re scary. It’s all the first-time experiences that we aren’t able to relate to that make life the scary experience that it can be.

However, it’s these very same moments that make our lives memorable and meaningful. Without fear, there is no glory. Not all moments are created equal. Here are 10 of the scariest moments you’ll ever have the pleasure of experiencing:

1. The moment when you realize that your mom and dad won’t always be there for you.

One of the scariest realizations of our lives is learning that there will be times when we are completely on our own. We are born into a world where our parents have to protect us and care for us in order for us to survive.

Making the transition to complete independence can be frightening. In fact, many individuals have trouble letting go, living at home with their parents until middle age. It’s how we deal with this moment that greatly determines our personalities and where life will take us.

2. Your first day of school.

It turns out that there are more of you – a whole lot more. How do you interact with strangers? How are you supposed to willingly share your toys?

Going to school for the first time opens up an entirely new world for us – a world outside our homes. Being introduced to society can be a scary thing, and it doesn’t really change as we progress from grade school, to high school, to college.

Every time we are introduced to a new group, the possibilities and the unknown can be overwhelming. Thankfully, this usually changes from fear to excitement rather quickly.

3. Losing your virginity.

This is arguably scarier for girls than for boys, losing your virginity is scary. Sure, you’ve probably seen it done a hundred times online, but doing it yourself is another story.

Yes, you know where it’s supposed to go, but are you doing it right? Are you being judged? Is it going to hurt? Am I going to hate it? Losing your virginity is a huge step in your life.

In the eyes of evolution, losing your virginity makes you an adult. At such monumental moments as these, fear and nervousness are very common.

4. Opening your college acceptance letter.

You put in all that hard work – or not so much – and now it’s time to learn whether society values you the way you value you. You’ve spent years being groomed and passed down the conveyor belt to make it to this very important moment in your life. It all comes down to this: a letter in the mail.

Why is this one of the scariest moments in our lives? Because it’s the moment that we get stamped as good enough or not good enough by the society we live in. It’s the moment prior to that of joy and happiness, or sadness and pain. It’s a moment that will shape the rest of our lives – and we know it.

5. Falling in love.

Although, the most pleasant feeling in the world, it often comes coupled with fear. We may not feel it straight from the start, but the longer we’re in love and the deeper we fall, the more and more we become aware of how dependent we are.

Being in love is needing that person, needing that person in order to be happy. This is a big change as we have learned, at an early age, that we are to be independent in order to thrive in life. Luckily, you don’t really have much of a choice in the matter since you’re head over heels.

6. Falling out of love.

Probably one of the scariest moments of anyone’s life. It’s the moment you realize that your reality can be shattered almost in a single moment. It’s the moment you become totally and completely lost, the moment you lose your way.

You thought you knew how your life was going to play out. You thought you knew that you would be with this person until the day you died. Get married. Start a family. And now… the story has to be rewritten.

Falling out of love is realizing that, in reality, you know and can be sure of absolutely nothing in life. It’s realizing that everything in life is fickle and that you have no choice but to accept that.

7. Realizing that you hate your job.

You spent years figuring out what you wanted to do with your life. You then spent years learning how to do what you thought you wanted to do with your life. And now you learned that you don’t actually want to do with your life what you were certain that you wanted to do with your life. Now what?

You didn’t plan on hating what you thought you’d love and now you have no idea what to do with yourself. Worse, you now feel that you have wasted a great part of your life and fear that you may not have enough to start afresh.

Luckily, we always do have time to give things a new go. Unfortunately, we don’t always believe this to be so, and it’s frightening.

8. Failing miserably for the nth time.

You keep trying and trying and trying. No success. You’d think that failing would suck less over time, with each new failure. But it doesn’t. Not really. Not if you put your heart, sweat and tears into your projects.

Failing is so scary, more often than not, we ignore it and pretend that the failure wasn’t actually our fault. We point fingers left and right, running away from the failure that we know in our hearts to be ours.

We don’t want others to know that we failed because we believe that they’ll find us to be weak. Admitting that you failed can be scary, but doing so is the only way to succeed.

9. Becoming a parent.

It’s not the right time. You’re not in the right place in your life. You can’t afford it. You’re not sure if you’re capable of being a good parent. You can barely manage your own life, how the heck are you supposed to manage someone else’s?

Becoming a parent is arguably the most frightening thing in our lives. It’s the moment that we no longer can only care for and worry about ourselves – we now have to care for and worry about another person.

And this person can’t take care of him or herself. You now have a person’s life in your hands, not to mention a life of your own you plan on living.

10. Watching your child go through numbers 1-9.

A child is a beautiful thing because he or she is (or they are) the greatest way of leaving a part of yourself behind once you pass. This does, however, mean that you get to relive all those unpleasant moments in your life, just from a slight distance.

We often care for our children more than we care for ourselves, making being scared for them commonplace. Thankfully, just as there is fear and worry when it comes to kids, there is also joy and happiness.

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