4 Ways Writing On The Internet Taught Me The Value Of Criticism

I remember the day I received the email saying I had been accepted as a contributing writer for Elite Daily.

I was ecstatic, honored and ready to write.

I remember calling my girlfriend and sharing the great news with her. She was and still is the inspiration for most of my writings.

Now that I'm writing for Elite Daily, I have learned some very transferable life lessons.

Who knew writing for an online platform could actually lead to lessons in living and thriving in society today?

Here are four most important lessons I learned from being a contributing writer for Elite Daily:

1. There will always be critics.

There will always be someone out there to critique your work, your views and your opinions.

But the thing with critics is they are criticizing you based on their own personal opinions and life experiences.

We can't please everyone no matter how hard we try and no matter how much we would like to.

It just wont happen.

2. It's a dog-eat-dog world, so you need tough skin.

People will put you down, but you can't let it affect you.

As I've been writing for Elite Daily, I have read the comments of people from around the world critiquing my own personal experiences and my work.

But no matter what, I knew I could not let it affect me.

I could not let a random person's comments deter me from continuing to write.

All I could do was take those words and use them to make myself a better writer, so my next piece would silence them.

If I took what he or she said to heart, I wouldn't get very far.

You can't let someone beat you down. You have to use it to your advantage.

Use your weakness and make it your strength.

3. Originality is a tough, but innovation is key.

Many people will share a similar mindset, and it's very hard to be original in a world where everything has essentially been done.

Therefore, innovation is key.

It's about improving, taking what there is and making it better than it can be.

When I read fellow Elite Daily writers' pieces, I see writers who are innovative and who can take any topic that's been discussed time and time again and make it new.

Today, to get anywhere, you must be able to be innovative. If you can be original, all the more power to you.

4. An opportunity is missed when you don't go for it.

I was an avid reader of Elite Daily before I submitted an application to be part of this great team and network.

If it were not for my girlfriend and my friends who encouraged me to do so, I don't think I would have completed the form and written all that I have so far.

We can't let fear or uncertainty steal the chance to do something because you never know what can come from it.

A chance of a lifetime doesn't always come knocking twice.

Since writing for Elite Daily, I have learned to put myself out there and to take a risk no matter how scared I may be.

Being a writer for Elite Daily has been an amazing opportunity.

With every piece published and every comment I have read, I am continuously inspired and motivated to be a better writer, person and adventurer.

The world is filled with stories just waiting to be told,  and I hope I have done mine justice.

Everyone has a story, and everyone will have something to say.

But just like life, you just have to take everything day by day and live life to the fullest.