If Criticism Doesn't Apply -- Let It Fly

by Eddie Cuffin

As I look back at the last four years, I realize that life is truly a long road; one that you cannot cross without having people pointing fingers at you. As an entrepreneur you have the responsibility and duty to keep it moving.

It is clear, that when you set goals for yourself you cannot allow anyone or any circumstance to keep you away from the greatness that awaits you.

We sometimes tend to care a bit much about what “insignificant” others think about us, our ideas, etc… But really…who cares?

We live in a society where every one has the right to have an opinion and where sometimes audacious people feel that they can tell you how to run your business, how to design your “life,” etc… Some also feel the obligation to criticize you or your work.

Criticism is one of those things that we simply cannot avoid. The only way to do so would be by “not saying anything, not doing anything and not being anything” as Aristotle stated.

Though criticism can be a great thing in terms of self-development, it can also harm you. To criticize is defined as “to find fault with; to judge the merits and faults of; the art of evaluating or analyzing works of art or literature” and I will add the art of not minding your business at times.

It is important to distinguish these two types of criticism:

1. Criticism to help you grow (the message) In this figure, the focus is on the message that is often a means to help you get better and fortify yourself/ your business. It’s usually followed by advice, solutions that are going to benefit you. The intention here is truly to help you.

2. Criticism to crush your spirit and prevent you from achieving your goals and dreams (the messenger, his/her intentions). You have to realize that unfortunately some people have decided to give up on their own dreams and goals. They will try to convince you that what you are trying to accomplish is impossible.

Yet, they are the same people who surprisingly, will follow your every moves waiting for you to fail. Impossible is usually a word that weak people use as an excuse to justify their failures, lack of perseverance and keep you off track. It is everything but you and what you stand for.

The bottom line is don’t accept and take criticism from “insignificant” others whose intentions are not at the right place. Remember that “a coach is someone who can give correction without causing resentment.” - John Wooden

“He has the right to criticize who has the right (and I would add the intention) to help.” – Winston Churchill

If the criticism doesn’t apply, you have to let it fly.

Don’t be afraid either to fail or to be criticized for they are part to the “route” towards success. If despite the critics, you dare to build your success with audacity, hope and determination, you will finally be able to measure the force of your victory and tell the naysayer “You came, you saw, you criticized… I conquered!”

Gwen | Elite.