6 Things You Did On Your 21st Birthday That Make 25-Year-Old You Cringe

Aj Garcia/ Unsplash

Finding our way to 21 was clearly a pivotal turning point for some of us. We can actually say the birthday festivities gave us the spins, if you catch my drift. It was another stepping stone in adulthood that came with a cute glass and a maraschino cherry if you welcomed it that way.

Everyone wants their 21st birthday to be memorable, and there's often a wild story attached to what actually ended up happening. Looking back can seriously make you question what the hell you were thinking, but that's life, right? However you clipped those freshly legal wings back then, you flew into your own variation of fun. And if the memories you can actually remember are a bit hazy, you may have found yourself in a few of these scenarios.

1. Mixed Any Kind Of Alcohol Together

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When you first start consuming alcohol, it can seem like a new world. It's like age handed you the golden ticket to endless kinds of wine, beer, and spirits. You may have learned the hard way that not all of these liquids should congregate in your stomach at once.

2. Flirted With A Bartender

Look, it happens. You get super excited about being allowed to access a bar that you act all out of character and test your luck. Who says your charismatic behavior didn't enhance after a few drinks?

3. Had A Wild Night In Las Vegas

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Las Vegas is the go-to place for people who want to celebrate their 21st with few rules. If you did Vegas to the max, you probably understand why it was pegged as Sin City. Clearly, if you're reading this and laughing, you came out with a ton of birthday memories.

4. Took A Body Shot Off Of Your Bestie

Usually, this is the portion of the night your besties took photos of to prove it went down. Maybe you were just practicing that CPR stuff you learned from the YMCA. Regardless, it happened.

5. Half-Drunkenly Sang "Happy Birthday" To Yourself In The Corner


It was all about you, remember? You clearly didn't forget to give yourself some kudos for reaching the legal drinking age. You added your own birthday remix with giggles in between each word.

6. Cried Tears Of Joy At Some Point Of The Night

You know how there's liquid courage? Well, there's also such thing as liquid sobs, and you weren't ashamed to let the happy tears flow. Besides, you needed a little more salt on the rim of your drink, anyway.

Your 21st birthday should be something for the books, even if it's the type of story that makes you squirm around in your seat. Cheers to that and your free spirit.