If Your College Squad Can't Answer These 10 Questions, Your Friendship Isn't Real


Once you have your college squad down, the whole experience is a lot more fun and enjoyable. Of course you don't close yourself off from meeting other people, but you know you have a sold group of friends who will always have your back. Isn't college about building those lifelong bonds so you can have someone to share the torment of paying back student loans with, anyway?

If your college squad is as dope as you make them out to be, they should know more than enough about you. In college, you don't necessarily have to be around anyone besides people in your classes and your roommates. So, that crazy amount of time spent with one group in particular obviously means something special. Now, go bother your college squad, posing these few questions about yourself and see if they're in for the long haul of friendship.

1. "Who's her college crush?"

Dean Drobot/ Shuttershock

Obviously, your college squad should be privy of your taste when it comes to dating. You definitely blabbed their ears off talking about how you passed your crush in the library far too many times. They may have even tried to play love connection once or twice.

2. "What's her caffeinated drink of choice?"

Look, we all needed pick-me-ups between juggling midterms, finals, and other #adulting responsibilities. The group should know if you like to guzzle down the Red Bulls, sip the tea, or clench for dear life onto your coffee. It's not rocket science.

3. "What's her major?"

Even your nana, who may very well forget your birthday every year, probably knows your major. Your friends should definitely know this crucial info about you. They were there when you nearly pulled your hair out stressing over deciding on that major.

4. "What's her favorite Ramen noodle flavor?"

Ramen noodles in college is almost a given. They're cheap and you could dress them up in a way that make it seem like you're munching on a gourmet meal. So... beef, chicken, or shrimp?

5. "What kind of alcohol does she prefer?"

Some of those crazy nights have to start with a little too much of that drink you prefer if you're 21 and up. Although you probably opted for whatever was the cheapest, your crew should know what you actually like. If they don't, are you really even friends?

6. "What's her dream job?"

Throughout college we all have that ideal dream job that perfectly pairs with our major. Whether it's immediately attainable or not, you voice it to your friends. The squad should know your dreams and goals, period.

7. "What's her favorite study snack?"

Whether you're that person who's crunching on chips in a quiet library, or making that necessary trip to Taco Bell, snacks are a priority. It seems like a crucial party of every day in college is deciding when to hit up the dining hall. With your friends, it's always a group effort.

8. "Where's her secret napping spot on campus?"

The struggle's real. Anywhere you can get a little cat nap in is literally heavenly. Your friends are definitely in on the prime time spots you discovered, too.

9. "What song gets her pumped to go out?"

Regardless of when you went to college, there's always that trending song that plays over and over throughout the school year. You may even have your own song that strays away from the norm. Without a doubt, all of us 21 and up have definitely been caught more than once jamming out to our get #lit song.

10."What do her go-to pair of sweatpants look like?"

No one has time to be dolled up all of the time in college. Sweatpants are life, and depending on how frequent you are with laundry (bi-monthly at most), you certainly have a pair on reserve. Your squad knows if you're a cuffed ankle-type or straight leg all day.

Your college squad gets you through the darkest days, and are mostly like part of the best moments you ever had. Because of this insane bonding time, they should know you pretty darn well. Now, may the odds be ever in their favor.