3 Horribly Clichéd Quotes You Should Actually Learn To Live By

by Kayla Del

There's nothing better than reading a deep, meaningful quote and feeling that sense of instant empowerment.

You suddenly see yourself as unstoppable, and anything — landing your dream job, catching the attention of a certain someone you have been dying to talk to or achieving that new goal you set for yourself — is all possible.

But about a minute or two after reading the quote, you snap back to reality.

You may feel as though your life is at a standstill, and you need to make some serious changes.

But where to begin?

Or maybe, you think a lot of what's been going on in your life these days is out of your control, and to live by said sappy quote would simply be impossible.

Good news: Buying into these cheesy one-liners can be as simple as changing up your daily routine a tad.

I've simplified these well-known, clichéd quotes into a user-friendly format, so you can actually do something with them and feel empowered for more than a minute.

You're welcome.

1. "Make today the best day of your life."

I'm sorry, but whoever came up with this quote better have had a damn good day, and with it, a damn good story to tell.

The truth is, if you're human (and I assume you are if you are reading this), you're going to have a lot of great days in your life.

You will never have just one.

Isn't that, in and of itself, a beautiful, even quote-worthy realization?

Instead of over-planning out a day and trying to do a million of your favorite things in the hopes it will be the "best day of your life," pick one or two fun, simple activities.

Love animals?

Grab a cup of coffee and head over to a local farm or animal shelter.

History geek (or maybe not)?

Either way, look up a historical site in your area and make your best friend come along to check it out.

Don't forget to bring a camera. I promise you doing something simple is good for the soul.

Giving yourself permission to relax, sit back and smell the roses makes for a great day (maybe even the "best day of your life").

2. "Wake up and smell the roses."

I think everyone has heard of the expression, "gut feeling."

We all have it. It's that overwhelming natural instinct that something isn't right.

Yet, unfortunately, we tend to ignore it more often than not.

"Wake up and smell the roses" to me simply means listen to your gut, dude.

If something doesn't feel right about a situation, get out of it immediately.

If you've been expecting something or someone to change for quite some time, and there has been zero progress made, chances are, it ain't happening, love.

Listen to that know-it-all gut of yours. It's there for a reason.

3. "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars."

Sound familiar?

I've heard this quote more times than I can count, but it's only half-bad.

To be more specific, the "shoot for the moon" part I'm okay with.

I think everyone should steadfastly chase after his or her dreams.

However, it's the "even if you miss, you'll land among the stars" part I have a problem with.

Don't miss. If you keep trying, your spaceship will eventually make it to the moon.

Beautiful quotes are meant to inspire us, not overwhelm us with their wordiness.

I just started keeping a journal completely dedicated to quotes (so there's something for you to try).

I'll write down the inspiring words of a yoga instructor after savasana, and I'm guilty of having written down something Meredith Grey said in season five of "Grey's Anatomy."

I even write down what my grandma always tells me: "Take care of Kayla for me."

The simplicity of a quote is so special.