8 Chris Harrison Quotes For When Finding Love Seems Impossible

by Alexa Mellardo

Ah, gotta love and appreciate the OG romance guru, Chris Harrison.

For real though, I wish I casually had this dude on speed dial to vent to about my dating life on the reg.

Harrison consistently comes in clutch with the best advice, and he's truly invested in helping every “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” out there find true love.

Swimming through the dating pool today can be incredible, but the dating scene also has the potential to be stressful and challenging AF.

In a world where some of us have lost all hope when it comes to love, Chris Harrison helps us find it again with his two reality TV shows, and we're hooked on them beyond compare.

Here are eight Chris Harrison quotes for when finding love seems impossible, and you're in need of a good laugh, or maybe just a little bit of realness.

1. “I've been able to see the world many times over. The thing I've learned is less is more. I travel as light as possible. I try to carry on.” -- Chris Harrison


2. “We couldn't take you to the mansion, so I brought the mansion to you. You're about to meet a few of the guys that will be vying your heart.” -- Chris Harrison


3. “We lost the greatest dolphin on TV since Flipper.” -- Chris Harrison

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4. “They could not be more different these two. Different walks of life, different worlds, different accents, different everything. But both check off boxes, to be so crass, of things that mean a lot to him.” -- Chris Harrison


5. "People ask about breakups, 'Could you see it coming?' But when we leave whatever beach we're on, these couples couldn't be more in love. What happens after that is real life, and sometimes real life gets in the way." -- Chris Harrison

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6. "So we'll see you in Paradise?" -- Chris Harrison


7. "But it's a phenomenal ride. We have amazing celebrities. We have great dates. We have drama. It's this great love story that will hopefully have a happy ending." -- Chris Harrison


8. "You couldn't have a 21-, 22-year-old frat guy coming in, looking for love. That's not who Rachel's going to end up with." -- Chris Harrison

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