50 Times Your Childhood Best Friend Proved She Was Your Ride Or Die

Your relationship with your childhood best friend is one of the strongest and most romantic relationships you will ever have.

Like, forget your boyfriend. THIS bitch is the real love of your life.

She walked into your life when you were the most innocent version of yourself, and she stuck around for your ugly phase. And then your wild phase. And then your boring phase. And then your in-love phase. Oh, and then there was your heartbroken-and-out-of-love-depressed phase.

And of course, there’s whatever phase you're in at the moment.

The point is she is not just a casual fling. Your boyfriend can break up with you when you get to be too much, but she can’t. She’s there for the long haul. Through thick and thin.

Here are all the times this girl has been the definition of ride or die.

1. When she threw a drink in someone’s face for you.

2. When she took your side even though you were dead wrong.

3. When she sympathy-cried for you.

4. When she was willingly photographed with you during your ugly phase.

5. When she risked social suicide by bitching out the most popular girl in school for you.

6. When she hung out with your family even when you weren’t home.

7. When she told you you’ve gained weight.

8. When she told you you’ve lost too much weight.

9. When she told you it was time to start using deodorant.

10. When she told you it was time to get your sh*t together.

11. When she left the party with you because you got your period.

12. When she held your hair back after you drank the first time.

13. When your high school crush asked her to the prom, and she said no.

14. When she was the first to tell you if you had sh*t in your braces.

15. When she let you borrow her Juicy Couture top even though it was her favorite and was way too small for you.

16. When she was your homecoming date because no one else asked you.

17. When she taught you what sex was.

18. When she casually borrowed your identity for one reason or another.

19. When she lied to the police for you.

20. When she took the blame in front of your parents.

21. When she got a piercing with you because you were scared to do it alone.

22. When she covered for you in front of your parents.

23. When she awkwardly slept on the other side of the bed as you hooked up with some guy whose name you now forget.

24. When she went with you to get your first pregnancy test.

25. When she went to extreme measures to make sure your deepest secret stayed a secret.

26. When she spent five-plus hours a day listening to you gush about your first crush in middle school.

27. When she spent five-plus hours last night listening to you gush about your current crush.

28. When she talked sh*t about your family and it wasn’t offensive because she’s the only one who knows them as well as you do.

29. When you guys stopped closing the door to use the bathroom.

30. When she checked your vagina to make sure everything was normal.

31. When she almost got arrested with you.

32. When she did something that let you know she really might just kill for you.

33. When she casually maintained conversation with you as you tweezed your chin.

34. When you didn't need to talk because she knew exactly what you meant.

35. When your other friends were annoyed as sh*t with the two of you because they couldn't keep up with all your inside jokes.

36. When she despised your college ex who she never even got the chance to meet in the flesh.

37. When she forgave you even after you got bad with keeping in touch.

38. When she refrained from posting all of the many blackmail photos she has of you all over the Internet -- even though you were really pissing her off.

39. When she let you ugly-cry snot all over her new sweater.

40. When you had your heart broken for the first time, and she was more distraught than you were.

41. When she was still the first to call you on your birthday even though you were thousands of miles apart and she had to wake up at 6 am because of the time difference.

42. When she picked all of your boyfriend’s gifts for you because she knows you better than he ever will.

43. When she stayed home feeding you soup after you got your wisdom teeth out.

44. When her mom referred to you as her second daughter (and sometimes her first).

45. When she called you out for acting like a crazy person.

46. When she heard your most shameful secret and barely even flinched.

47. When she left a party on the other side of the country to listen to you vent.

48. When she let you sleep over at her house because things were tough at home.

49. When she didn’t even flinch after you ripped a giant fart in front of her.

50. When she made other friends but still kept a spot for you as #1.