Can't. Stop. Peeing: 58 Thoughts You Have While Enduring A Juice Cleanse

by Stefani Pappas

Juice cleanses are a fad, not a lifestyle. Will you lose weight on a juice cleanse? Probably, since you’re cutting out all the fat and a large portion of calories from your diet. But, is it safe for your body?

It’s certainly not enjoyable to go through a juice cleanse, and it's even worse for your health.

Here are 58 thoughts Millennials have while juicing, followed by a few reasons why crash diet trends aren't the best for your body:

1. Lauren’s wedding is Friday, fantastic.

2. And, my ex will be there...

3. I need to look HOT.

4. I also need to fit into my bridesmaid's dress...

5. Didn’t Rachel do that juice cleanse?

6. She looks good, I need to do that.

7. I mean, how hard can it be?

8. #JuicingForTheWedding

9. Well, not my wedding, but...

10. I need carrots, ginger, apples...

11. Dusting off the juicer.

12. This should be interesting... haven't used this thing since 2008.

13. This actually doesn’t taste bad.

14. Feeling awesome!

15. Feeling fit!

16. Feeling thin!

17. OMG, need to put this on Insta, ASAP.

18. #JuicingIt

19. #FitFam

20. #LoveMyLife

21. Ugh, I’m such a poser...

22. Need to pee.

23. Time to head to work.

24. #Hungry

25. Passing by Starbucks...

26. What would happen if I stuffed 20 cake pops in my mouth right now?

27. Okay, at work, need to pee.

28. I've peed like the 1,928,902 times today.

29. What if I pee so much, I die on this cleanse?

30. Is that a possibility?

31. Maybe I’ll Google it...

32. Oh my gosh, stop being so overdramatic.

33. #Starving

34. Next juice at 1 pm?

35. Screw it, drinking one now.

36. My willpower is impressive...

37. I’ll be full for a solid five minutes.

38. Oh, it’s Sarah’s birthday! CAKE!!!


40. Oh crap...

41. I can't eat it...

42. *cries a little inside*

43. Lunch break, heading to yoga with Julie.

44. I. Feel. Weak.

45. Help. Me.

46. Need to pee... AGAIN.

47. I would dive headfirst into that gyro stand right about now.

48. Okay, made it here.

49. Meditating while my stomach growls...

50. I just want some food.

51. #FeedMe

52. I’m going to give a piece of my mind to whomever thought of a juice cleanse.

53. Warrior I into Warrior II...


55. *runs out of yoga class desperately*


57. “Three Sicilian slices, please.”

58. Namaste, juice cleanse.

Moral of the story?

Juice cleanses may seem effective, but they can be dangerous for your health.

A nutritious juice once in a while, when incorporated into a healthy diet, can be beneficial. However, when it’s taken to the extreme, like in a full juice cleanse, it can do much more harm than good.

Cleanses are usually critically low in calories and protein, and won’t give your body enough energy to function throughout the day. Starving yourself won't help your metabolism and definitely won't fuel you through a workout.

Juices are typically made from fruits and vegetables, which are definitely healthy items, but can have a lot of sugar when concentrated into a juice.

The high sugar consumption during a juice cleanse can spike up your blood sugar levels, which can lead to fatigue, increased appetite and many other symptoms.

Additionally, fiber and some antioxidants in the skins of fruit and vegetables are often lost in the juicing process. This means you won't feel as full, due to the loss of fiber and the fact that you are drinking your meals, as opposed to chewing them.

If you want to get rid of the toxins in your body and slim down, avoid all processed foods and eat clean. Be sure to stay hydrated with water, but avoid alcohol and junk food.

Losing weight overnight isn’t realistic, and yo-yo dieting can be extremely dangerous to your body. Try to avoid juice cleanses and focus on a clean diet that includes regular physical activity.