10 Reasons Victoria, Canada Is The Best City To Fall In Love In

by Jaime Heenan

There are some pretty romantic cities in this world such as Venice, Paris and Prague. But if you're Canadian like me, you would find there is one special city on this side of the globe that’s just as romantic, but in a completely different way.

Our capital city, Victoria, is located on the astonishingly beautiful Vancouver island. I was lucky enough to grow up here, and blessed to have the loveliest memories of the first time(s) I fell in love. It’s the perfect city for that.

Here are 10 reasons why Victoria is so darn romantic, and hands down the best city in Canada to fall in love:

1. Surrounded By Water

Romantic walks on the beach? Yes, please.

Midnight skinny dips are always an option. There are so many beautiful beaches nearby for picnics or kayaks or paddle boarding. Does your date like to surf? You can find waves not too far out of the city.

2. The Dining

Victoria boasts more restaurants per capita than any other city in Canada.

There is a multicultural array of restaurants all over the city for new lovers to explore. Whether you want to cuddle up in a candlelit corner or have Japanese food chopped and grilled right in front of you, Victoria has you covered.

3. The Transit Options

No, not the bus.

You can get a horse and carriage to trot you around the elegant inner harbor and down the cobblestone streets of Government Street while you snuggle in the back.

It truly can’t get any more romantic.

Alternatively, you can get a bike taxi (known to locals as a "kabuki cab") to scoot you around from your cocktail date to your next destination, and then home again. New love is all about finding new kinds of fun.

4. The Ferry

As Victoria is located on an island, you will need to take a ferry to get off and let me tell you, no matter where you choose to go, a ferry ride in any direction is absolutely breathtaking.

You will notice the abundance of wide-eyed tourists snapping pictures of the mountains and gulf islands, and you might even see whales. There’s something magical about traveling by boat with a special someone. Sit outside and take in the view.

5. The Neighborhoods

Victoria is a small city and each neighborhood is quaint and charming with its own vibe. Whether you want to stroll through Cook Street Village with a coffee, or eat at a hip new restaurant in Fernwood, each area has something different to offer and they are so fun to explore.

Victoria also has one of the best Chinatown districts in the country. Dim sum, anyone?

6. The Great Outdoors

Fancy hiking though the rainforest, zip lining through the trees or going scuba diving? It’s easy to get that blood pumping together and start making the most amazing memories in Victoria.

7. Castles

Victoria is an old city with a lot of history, and exploring and learning together is just the kind of magic that bonds you.

I recommend the "haunted" night walk where you are taken to some of the oldest and reportedly most haunted spots in the city. It's just the right amount of scary. Snuggle up!

8. The Parks

Ever watched a meteor shower in Beacon Hill Park with a new love? I highly recommend it. Or just simply head somewhere to star gaze. Hot chocolate and constellations are an excellent combination.

9. Cheap

There are so many cheap or free things to do that are fun, and using your imagination is part of the adventure. Find a pretty trail to walk and play cards under a tree.

The 2.5 kilometer Dallas Road scenic walk is also a phenomenal place to watch sunsets. It's impossible not to feel your heart swell with appreciation of beauty when the sky is painted with the coral and magenta hues.

10. Lovely Landscape

Doing your normal life things, riding bikes to run errands with the mountains as a backdrop and the ocean peeking out at you from time to time just makes life a little bit nicer. When the day-to-day is lovely, it’s easy to get lost in the city.

So there you have it: Victoria, BC, the best city in Canada to fall in love. With so much to do and beauty to explore, it’s the perfect place to bring your love, both new and old.

Haven’t been? What are you waiting for? Love is in the air.