8 Brides Reveal What Really Happened The Night After They Said, 'I Do'

Some couples will argue the best part of their wedding is the “wedding night.” That's when all of the guests give you hugs goodbye, and you find yourself finally alone with the person you just sealed your future with after one kiss. It's when the lacy lingerie comes out to play, and for the first time in hours, you have silence.

While some couples imagine their wedding night to be filled with pure, unadulterated romance, sometimes the rest of the night is anything but that. It could be filled with fights, even more partying or with the most realistic option, immediate sleep.

Check out these eight brides, who confessed what really happened on their wedding night:

1. Sweet Dreams

I'm so embarrassed to admit this, but when my wedding ended, I went to sleep, like, right away. We came back to our hotel room, and we both passed out. We weren't drunk, just super tired. We woke up at 7 am and laughed because no newlywed expects to end their wedding night asleep by midnight.

– Nina, 29

2. A Post-Wedding In-Law Fight

I don't get a long at all with my mother-in-law. We did a good job of avoiding each other at the wedding and only stood near each other when we had to. But after the wedding was over, she found me and told me all the things about the night she didn't like or that went wrong. I couldn't keep my cool because it was rude and tacky to do that on my wedding night. I went post-wedding bridezilla on her and it turned into a one-hour scream fest. My husband is still upset about how our night ended.

– Brittany, 28

3. Clean-Up Duty

I had no idea I'd be a cleaning lady on my wedding night. I had to pack up all my decorations and gifts at the venue and shove them into my car and my dad's car. Then, I had to clean up the bridal suite because my bridesmaids left so much stuff there. I stayed at the venue for an extra two hours after my wedding ended just to clean up. Nobody else was there, except me and my husband. All my guests went home and still to this day have no idea that I was there doing that.

– Paulette, 27

4. We sealed the deal.

What do you think happened after our wedding? We went back to our house and we did the 'deed.' It wasn't our first time, but it was our first time as an official married couple, so that was cool. Then, we passed out. Exciting, I know.

– Tiffany, 27

5. I don't remember.

Who says the bride can't take full advantage of the open bar? That's exactly what I did an hour before the wedding ended. I got a little tipsy, and I don't actually remember leaving the wedding venue. I did wake up the next morning in my hotel room with my husband, so I knew everything was OK.

– Rachel, 30

6. It lasted until 4 am.

I thought when the wedding ended, I'd want to run back to the room with my new husband and get down and dirty. But we both agreed that we wanted to keep the party going, so we found a local bar, invited all our friends and kept drinking till 4 am. That was more important to us than having some kind of romantic night together.

– Harper, 25

7. Sleepless Sleeping

Let me tell you the truth: You don't sleep the night before your wedding, and you don't sleep the night of your wedding. The night before, you have nervous jitters. The night of, you're hyped up on post-wedding energy and feeling a little shitty because the biggest party of your lifetime is over. I was lying awake in bed while my hubby snored the night away.

– Marissa, 29

8. It became a family affair.

My fiancé and I booked a suite at the hotel for us to enjoy after the wedding, but when got home to the room that night, we found three of my cousins sleeping on the couch and my aunt and uncle awake drinking our celebratory bottle of champagne. We didn't have the energy or the balls to kick them out. We gave my aunt and uncle the bed, and we slept on the floor. It wasn't ideal, and in the moment, we were pissed off. But now, it's something we laugh at.

– Christine, 26