These States Are The Most Body Positive Regions In America


Spreading messages about body positivity is a top priority for women who use social media. We're all pretty aware that body-shaming ads and constantly being held to unrealistic beauty standards need to end.

Messages that promote body positivity on Twitter and Instagram spread like crazy. Just earlier this month, this bride-to-be on Instagram went viral for shutting down haters who commented on her size. Instagram users like her, as well as the entire community, are always ready to put haters in their place.

How do people even find these communities? By using hashtags. There is a fiercely strong community centered around body positivity on Instagram. This website,, dug deeper into the numbers by analyzing over 85,000 posts.

In their research, they were able to find out the top five and bottom five body positive states in America.

Oregon is by far the most body positive state. No other state even came close, but the top five also includes Utah, Nevada, New York and California.

The bottom five includes North Dakota, West Virginia, Iowa, Montana and New Mexico.

Obviously, keep in mind that some states might use social media more than others, or might care more about being "health-conscious," and choosing to discuss it online. Either way, body positivity is important to keep in mind no matter what state you're from.

In terms of the whole world, The US actually ranks as one of the lowest in terms of body image. Studies have shown that the body confidence of American women has decreased over time. In fact, American women have rated themselves 18 percent lower in terms of body image compared to women around the globe. Hopefully, these numbers will even out as body positive messages continue to spread via social media across the country.

Want to get in on the body positive movement? The most popular hashtags to use for promoting body positive messages are #effyourbeautystandards, #bodypositive, #celebratemysize, #honormycurves and #plusisequal.