3 Spots You Definitely Aren't Protecting From The Sun, But Should Be


The long, warm days of summer bring countless beach trips, tropical vacations and hours spent slow-roasting the sun.

While memories from the season inspire the rest of the year's daydreams, the part we always mentally blur out is the peeling, fiery sunburn.

Most of us know enough to slather on a coat of SPF 30 before lying in the sun, but there are places on the body more challenging to remember than just our shoulders and back.

If you spent all winter combing conditioning treatments through your hair, why bake your locks unguarded in the sun?

And for every $20 you've dropped at the nail salon in pursuit of strong, lasting nails, we bet you've probably never thought to keep them in the shade.

Elite Daily spoke to Dr. Jessica Krant of New York's Laser and Skin Surgery Center about the sunscreen spots you may be forgetting (read: you're definitely forgetting).

Double check you've covered your hands, neck and chest.

According to Krant, the first places on the body to show age are the thin skin on the back of the hands, as well as the chest and neck.

Although makeup often has enough SPF to protect your face, you're not applying enough to prevent UV rays from aging the neck.

Even if you spring for cosmetic procedures in your later years, your neck will always be the hardest part of the body to restore to its youthful glory.

Prevent UV damage by seeking out a "broad spectrum" sunscreen in SPF 15 to 30 for daily use, like Clinique's top-rated Super City Block.

Tattoos need love, too.

When you decided to get inked for the first time, you probably considered what it'd be like to have something etched on your skin forever.

If it's going to be there as you age, you need to care for it, especially in the sun. Krant notes lengthy sun exposure won't just cause your tats to fade, but also may change the hue of colored ink.

Don't want those yellow daisies turning orange?

Cover up with clothing or a water-resistant sunscreen, and make sure you're reapplying regularly.

Although a basic formula should serve you just fine, specialty products like Tattoo Goo's Color Guard Stick and Kiss My Face's  Tattoo Shade Lotion -- both cruelty-free -- are specially designed with ink in mind.

Guard your hair and nails from dryness.

The best part of a beach trip is the natural saltwater texturizing our manes.

Because if we're being honest, we're all aiming for "Little Mermaid"-eque waves.

If you're frequenting the beach so regularly the umbrella-stand guy knows your name, make a habit of protecting those strands from UV damage and bleaching with either a hat (to protect your scalp) or a specialty defender.

We recommend L'Oreal EverPure UV Protect Spray, which will keep your salon color holding on, or Leave-In Conditioner from cruelty-free brand Nios Shield.

The same principle applies to your nails, which can get brittle with excessive sun exposure.

If you already struggle with dryness, pick up a product like Nail Magic's All In One UV Top/Base Coat or Orly's Sunscreen for Nails.

Future manicures (and future you) will thank you.