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The Chaos And Camaraderie You Experience While Shopping On Black Friday

I have never been partial to Thanksgiving.

I think turkey is kind of gross.

I hate the idea of having to cook all day because that leads to snacking to satiate yourself. Then, you're not hungry by dinner.

There’s nothing else really fun about it. Now that my siblings and I are all adults, we scarcely admit — beyond a well-placed social media post — what we’re thankful for.

It’s kind of a dud holiday for me.

However, there is a bonus to Thanksgiving: Black Friday.

I love a good deal.

I almost never buy clothes or shoes unless they’re on sale, and I believe in investing in items that will benefit my life for longer than two months. I care about what I spend my hard-earned money on.

But I really love shopping, so this kind of discount day is right up my alley.

Once the ads come out, I stalk out what sounds good and what doesn’t.

I’ll talk to my sister and ask her what route we should take, and what would be easier just to scope out from behind a screen, in the comfort of my own bed.

(Honestly, the less I have to wear pants, the better.)

It’s exciting to walk into a store and see kitchenware and DVDs for me to binge on, alongside board games and clothing.

It’s even better to find travel deals online and feel the thrill of adventure ahead.

I especially love when the receipt prints out, and you see just how much you saved. (What? I like saving money, okay?)

It’ll pay off in the end.

But while it’s great to knock out some Christmas gifts on your list while buying yourself some happy, there are tons of downsides to Black Friday.

For some items such as TVs, toys or game systems, there is a limit to how many each store has.

While that has never really pertained to me (as I’m really just here for the last seasons of "Arrow" and "Downton Abbey"), it can make for some really competitive people.

They’ll fight for a spot in line (sometimes days in advance, which I think is absolutely nuts) for a not-even-really-discounted electronic or some crazy toy.

They’ll scream people have cut or others took their spots.

Then once the store opens, it’s like track and field events at the Olympics. They try to see how fast they can move and how many obstacles they can literally hurdle.

But that’s not the only thing that can make people mad.

Since the stores are so clogged with people, it’s hard to find the person or people you came with. While the plan might be to divide and conquer, there are a lot of people with the same names as your companions.

Someone is likely to respond, but that person isn’t your sister. Calling out “Mom” or “Dad” is just silly.

Not being able to find someone is reason enough to get upset, but it’s also hot, it’s stuffy and there are people everywhere around you.

But people are bound to turn up quickly.

(Quick fix: Come up with a code word or phrase to say out loud to try to find your companions. My personal preference is “Magellan!”)

Most people also see this day as a free pass to scream at anyone.

If you bump into someone, it’s “What the hell are you doing?”

If you’re looking down when the line you’re in starts moving, it’s a major inconvenience.

If something in the ad is magically not in the store, it’s that poor employee’s fault.

Employees receive an inordinate amount of hate from literally everyone.

Guys, I used to work in retail, and while the Christmas shopping season is hard enough, Black Friday is especially hard.

Please be nice to those working in the stores you’re shopping at.

Things will work out much easier if you’re nice. I promise.

But the worst part about Black Friday (in my opinion) is that stores open earlier and earlier.

Remember when it was easier, and you headed over to Target at 4:30 in the morning?

Now, it’s 4:30 in the afternoon on Thanksgiving.

People are no longer concerned with spending time with their loved ones. They care about a blender that’s $20 off.

I mean, does it get any worse than that?

We’re told to ditch our traditions for a shopping spree that can wait.

Honestly, most stores are so stocked up and ready for this day that what you’re looking for will likely still be there at midnight, guys.

Enjoy the time with your loved ones. Then, you can shop until you drop.

Or, you might get hungry and find a bagel shop open at 4 am, like my sister and I did last year.

Sure, Black Friday is great.

I totally shop it every year.

But remember: You’re meant to be giving thanks for what you already have and the people in your life.

So eat some potatoes, enjoy some pie, start a puzzle, play a board game or tell someone you love him or her before shopping.

Do not forget to be nice.

No one wants to deal with terrible people bringing down the shopper’s high, okay?