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What Your Zodiac Sign Can Tell You About What Career To Go Into

by Emily Anne

Since astrology's origin, humans have been looking to the stars for guidance and clarity. One of the major questions continues to be “what do I do with my life?” “What is my calling?” Are you happiest being the boss, or are you meant for solitary creative work? Do you even care about work as long as your weekends are fun? Your zodiac sign is a great starting point for learning which kind of jobs bring you fulfillment. And the best job for your zodiac sign might surprise you.

If you want to delve even deeper which career path is for you, cast your full birth chart and locate something called the Medium Coeli or Midheaven located at the top of the circular chart. This signifies the constellation that was highest in the sky at your time of birth (you need to know your exact time). The Midheaven is the cusp of the 10th house, and it shows where your natural skills lie. It also rules public image, your reputation in the world, and authority.

For me, my sun sign is Aries, but my Midheaven sign is in Leo. This past Leo season I did an eclipse ritual that activated my 10th house, and I got a cool new job a week later (it was actually pretty spooky!). Studying both your sun sign and your Midheaven can give you a more precise picture of what you need to feel happy at work.

Aries Sun / Midheaven – The Trailblazer

Aries' ideal job is probably something that challenges them and keeps them on their toes; they never want to be bored at work. Aries, being ruled by Mars, are aggressive go-getters. Start-ups, new businesses, athletics, dance, personal trainers, motivational speakers, fire fighters, military, thrill-seeking positions, etc. are best for them.

They strongly believe in the power of competition, and would probably enjoy jobs that feel like a game or a race against time. Individuality is very important to Aries, and they don't do well taking orders. Being their own boss is probably best.

Taurus Sun / Midheaven – The Sculptor

Taurus wants to make something substantial, preferably with their hands, and they want it to be beautiful. This the placement of architects, gardeners, bakers, chefs, carpenters, party planners, make-up artists, farmers, and interior decorators.

Anything they can physically manipulate and manifest into something better, Taurus enjoys doing. Being ruled by Venus, it's important that their work pleases people; being an earth sign, they need their work to be useful and valuable.

Gemini Sun / Midheaven – The Magic Mind

Gemini's ideal job would be something where they could use their quick thinking to their advantage. Geminis learn things fast and can be Jacks of all trades, so if you can pay them for using their mind, sign them up. Writing, improvisation, sales, communication, debate, tech, digital media, freelance work, newspeople, comedians, performers, etc.

They want a job that won't be too serious, and that allows them the flexibility they want in life.

Cancer Sun / Midheaven – The Mystic

Cancers want their work to be caring, helpful, and true to who they are. Their work will often revolve around women or children, or they may just project feminine energy into their field of choice. Cancer energy is actually great with money and starting new projects, and with their protective nature, they are trusted workers. Teachers, healers, therapists, advisors, stay-at-home parents, chefs, nannies, bankers, planners, writers, midwives -- maybe even working for the state or government, since Cancer is associated with the homeland.

Leo Sun / Midheaven – The Star

Like the star in our sky, Leo has a lot to give and wants to be recognized. Leos do well when they can be leaders, or in roles where they can inspire others. They prefer their work to be creative, positive, and independent. They might work in social media, teaching, entertainment, design, become musicians performers, etc. Leos make gifted salespeople, care-givers, and entrepreneurs. They love getting recognition for their work and need to feel appreciated.

Virgo Sun / Midheaven – The Master

Virgo, because they're so detail-oriented, are best at jobs that require technical skills and specific talents. They really want to be the best at what they do, and will strive for perfection. Though they're good at anything they put their minds to, Virgos make great scientists, professional musicians, editors, nutritionists, writers, engineers, fashion design/sewing, veterinarians, hair stylists, accountants, secretaries, and anything in the medical field.

Virgos are selfless, industrious people, so they will often do the dirty, detailed work that others may miss.

Libra Sun / Midheaven – The Socialite

Libras do well in jobs that require grace, charm, attending functions, parties, bringing people together, and regular interaction (preferably in a stylish environment). Modeling, party planning, the art scene, stylists, lawyers, communications, realty, sales, politics and diplomacy – any job that grants freedom to utilize their Venusian charisma and agreeableness. Represented by the scales, Librans care about balance and fairness in the workplace; jobs with strict hierarchies might bother them.

Scorpio Sun / Midheaven – The Investigator

A Scorpio's ideal job would be something that lets them use their intuition and personal power. Doctors, private investigators, detectives, social workers, creative writers, politicians, therapists or anything other worldly like astrology, death and the paranormal, tarot, and magic also appeal to Scorpios. Privacy is very important to them, so they don't want their job being too public or else they feel vulnerable.

Sagittarius Sun / Midheaven – The Sage

Sag's ideal job is one that encourages philosophical growth and expansion. Being ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarians are all about finding freedom and the higher truths in life. Teachers, diplomats, professors, religious servants, travelers (especially abroad), scientists, real estate or travel agents, writers, reporters, maybe even freelance work are all great careers for a Sagittarius. A Sag values anything that promotes learning and agrees with their own morals/ethics.

Capricorn Sun / Midheaven – The CEO

Capricorn rules the 10th House (Midheaven), so working hard comes naturally to a lot of Capricorns. They are business-minded, good at starting projects, and then manifesting them into something greater.

Capricorns are often managers, CEOs, editors, government workers, law enforcement officials, publicists, personal assistants, stock experts, investors, and entrepreneurs -- any job that allows them to be an authority in some way or another. They are great at delegating, planning, and bossing people around. If you want something done, get a Capricorn.

Aquarius Sun / Midheaven – The Visionary

The ideal job for Aquarius is probably something we haven't even thought of yet. Aquarius is the sign of the future, so any jobs involving space, technology, style, social progress, advancement of social causes (they are the humanitarian of the zodiac), politics, social media, environmentalism, or revolutions is perfect for Aquarians. Anything that can be considered “on the fringe” of society is right up their alley.

Being original people, they want a job that could only be for them. They may suffer from intermittent energy, sudden motivation to total lethargy, due to their ruling planet Uranus' unbalanced vibe.

Pisces Sun / Midheaven – The Dreamer

Chances are, Pisces don't really want to work in the traditional 9 to 5 sense. Their ideal job would be something that isn't too public, money-oriented, or exact -- but still creative and positively impacts peoples' lives.

Photography, film making, healing, humanitarian or charity work, being an empath, cooking, painting, poetry, music, care-giving, crafts, etc. are the kind of jobs that Pisces will gravitate toward. Often, their sleep schedule will be off, so flexible hours and working from home might help their motivation.