14 Best Father's Day Gifts For The Dad Who Loves Beer

Is it just me, or are dads the most difficult people to shop for?

Most of us know all too well Mom is queen at dropping hints about what she likes. When Mother's Day rolls around, we know the ultimate gift to *surprise* her with.

But Dad, not so much.

Father's Day is literally right around the corner, and while I hope you're prepared, let's assume you're not.

It seems like dads never really want anything specific, so finding the perfect gift can be next to impossible.

The solution? Focus on one hobby or passion he loves, and build a gift for your dad around it. It may not be something he'd think of asking for, but you can bet he'll love it even more for that.

If Dad likes breweries and beer, you're in the right place. Here are 14 best Father's Day presents for any dad who has a love for the brew.

1. Subscription Membership To A Beer Club

Quentin Dr/Unsplash

Beer Of The Month Club, $38.95 per month, Amazing Clubs

If your dad loves trying new things, and prides himself on his knowledge of beer, a membership to a beer club might be right up his alley.

Depending on your budget, you can sign Dad up for a three, six, or 12-month membership. Each month, Dad will receive 12 different beers to savor.

2. Beer-Flavored Coffee

Old Town Spice Shop

Hopped Up Coffee Sample Pack, $16, Etsy

If Dad is on the adventurous side and can't live without his morning dose of caffeine, beer-flavored coffee could be your winner.

A sample pack from OldTownSpiceShop lets dad try four different beer-inspired coffees: Scottish Ale, Winter Warmer, Chocolate Stout, and Black IPA.

3. Beer Brewing Kit

Uncommon Goods

Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition 2 Gallon Homebrewing Craft Beer Making Kit, $50, Amazon

Dad will go from a beer drinker to a beer brewer in no time. Let him get a little creative and brew his own beer with a starter kit, like this one from Uncommon Goods.

4. Personalized Beer Flight Tray

Reclaimed Oregon

Beer Tasting Tray, $25 and up, Etsy

What's better for a beer-loving dad than a flight tray?

The personalization makes it that much cooler. You can customize the size of the tray and flights to fit your personal budget.

5. "Beer Me" Socks

The Mint Orchid

TheMintOrchid "Beer Me" Socks, $14, Etsy

If Dad's got a sense of humor, and enjoys a good gag gift, these socks will make a prime present. Don't forget to wrap it up with a few of his favorite beers, too.

6. Beer Aroma Booster

Uncommon Goods

Beer Aroma Booster, $40, Uncommon Goods 

If your dad is one to chat it up while he's enjoying his brew, this fancy gadget will keep glass of beer tasting and smelling fresh all the way down to the final sip.

7. Beer Cap Map

Uncommon Goods

Beer Cap Map USA, $35, Uncommon Goods

If Dad loves traveling, he'll most likely enjoy this cool display for beers he's tasted across the country. While you're at it, take him out for a drink so he can put the first cap in with you.

8. Magnetic Bottle Opener


HQY 2 Pack Beer Bottle Opener With Magnetic Cap Catcher, $13, Amazon

This portable bottle opener makes cracking open a cold beer even easier for Dad. It also won't bend the beer caps, so if Dad's already a hardcore collector, he'll seriously love the magnetic feature.

9. Beer Dispenser


Fizzics Waytap Beer Dispenser, $120, Amazon

Your dad will love showing this gadget off to friends and guests. The dispenser, which is a great addition to your kitchen decor, also improves the flavors of the beer.

10. Stainless Steel Beer Chillers


Kollea Stainless Steel Beer Chiller Stick Beverage Cooler Cooling Sticks, $12, Amazon

These chillers are a perfect gift for any beer drinker. They certainly won't break the bank, either.

Dad will instantly fall in love them, because they'll keep his beers refreshing without modifying the taste he loves so much.

11. Stainless Steel Beer Bottle Holder


BottleKeeper -- The Original Stainless Steel Beer Bottle Holder And Insulator To Keep Your Beer Colder, $30, Amazon

This beer bottle holder known as the BottleKeeper will keep Dad's bottle cold and prevent any broken glass scenarios. It also has a lifetime warranty, so Dad's set on cold beers for life.

12.  Beer Shower Caddy


SipCaddy Bath & Shower Portable Cupholder Caddy For Beer & Wine Suction Cup Drink Holder, $14, Amazon

This suction cup drink holder is the best solution for those days when Dad just really needs his beer in the shower. It can also hold wine glasses and certain coffee mugs if he wants to switch it up a little.

13. Beach Beer Holder


Stubby Strip Original Neoprene Bottle Or Can Holder, $18, Amazon

This portable case holds and keeps cold up to seven drinks -- perfect for trips where he doesn't need a full cooler.

14. Beer Holders for the fridge


BottleLoft By Strong Like Bull Magnets, $30, Amazon

These magnetic strips attach to the top of your fridge to save space and keep them from breaking. They're made with high-grade magnets, so no bottles will fall and make a mess in the fridge.

Now that you're armed with some great ideas for your beer loving dad, get shopping! Just keep in mind he'll love whatever you get him.