Good Comes With Bad: 15 Times Your Anxiety Completely Saved Your Life

By Gigi Engle

Having an anxiety disorder infiltrates your entire life.

No area of your existence goes unaffected. It’s something you constantly have to deal with and manage.

From work to relationships, to friendships, to breakfast, dinner and brunch – it's always a present force. It can really be a bitch, truth be told. It can utterly consume you without the proper means of control.

There are so many things you end up missing out on because you’re too afraid something terrible will happen; there is a lot of sleep lost as you lie awake with a pit in your stomach and so many mornings when you feel so nervous about everything you need to finish, you feel like you just might faint.

But with all the hard times anxiety will bring to your door, it ultimately makes you a stronger person. It pushes you to complete the tasks you need to complete and forces you to achieve the goals you lay out for yourself.

You’d have no peace of mind otherwise.

For all the bad, there is always some good. Whether or not you know it, your anxiety has definitely saved your life a few times.

1. When you had that big assignment

If you have a big assignment due, your anxiety is going to creep up on you like an unwanted advance from a creep on the subway.

The only way to relieve it is by finishing the project -- not only in a timely fashion, but also to the absolute best of your ability.

2. When you were dating the wrong person

If you're dating a person who isn’t right for you, that fact becomes very obvious when you have an anxiety disorder.

If being around your SO makes you uneasy, that clearly means he or she is not good for you. Your boyfriend or girlfriend should relieve your anxiety, not provoke it.

It may be hard to leave someone, but anyone with anxiety would rather be single than panicky.

3. When you were in a bad living situation

You can’t deal with passive aggression, and therefore you tell people exactly what you’re thinking.

If your roommates are being assh*les, you will let them know. Trying to pretend nothing is wrong will only make things worse.

4. When you were going after your dream job

You just couldn’t emotionally handle not getting the job you wanted, so you did everything humanly possibly to be better than your competition.

You went above and beyond to prove yourself (and you did!)

5. When your friends wanted to do something reckless

As much of a downer as you may have seemed at the time, they’ll thank you for stopping them and being the voice of reason.

If they decide they are going to smoke that joint in the street anyway, they’ll regret ignoring you when you have to bail them out of jail.

6. When you hated your job and decided to quit

Your anxiety gave you that final push you needed to take the plunge.

You know having a panic attack every morning thinking about going to work is no way to live.

Where others were too afraid, you made the tough decisions for your sanity.

7. When you needed to be on time for everything

Your anxiety would never allow you to skip on punctuality. You’re always the first to arrive at any engagement.

While this can be frustrating, it greatly serves you both in your social life and in your work life, where being on time is crucial.

You’d never be late for anything that truly matters, and you never cancel. Suffice to say, your doctor and dentist are your biggest fans.

8. When you had a lot of sh*t to get done

You never fail to cross your T's and dot your I's. Neglecting to complete your “To Do” list is a foreign concept to you.

There is no way you could calm down enough to sleep knowing there were things you didn’t finish still looming over you. You take efficiency to a new level.

9. When you wronged a friend

You can’t stand having people be angry with you when you f*ck up. You always own up when you’re in the wrong.

You don’t sullenly ignore things until they come to a boil. You apologize and move on.

10. When you needed to start saving

You’ve basically been saving your pennies since middle school. Therefore, you have the most impressive bank account(s) and stock portfolio of anyone you know.

Who says you can’t open a retirement fund at 20, anyway?

11. When you wanted to have that last shot

While alcohol loosens you up, your anxiety will stop you from getting too out of control.

It also helps you recognize when you’ve had too much. You know you need to be at work tomorrow, ready to seize the day.

12. When you were in an unknown land

Exploring uncharted territory can be terrifying. You always come prepared. You are the one who has a plan. You know where all of the best restaurants are, where you’re staying and what you’ll be doing. You know “not all those who wander are lost”…especially if you have a map.

13. When you almost made a bad decision

You really think through every decision you make. Where some value spontaneity, you value thorough examination of the facts.

You need to know exactly how a decision will affect your life and to be sure the choice you are making is the correct one.

14. When no one would take your friend home

When she needed to be taken home because she was becoming “That Girl” at the bar, you were the one to do it.

You’d never let one of your chickens wander away to be eaten by wolves. Your anxiety makes you the mom and the ringleader.

15. When you channeled your creativity

During your darkest moments of frenzy, you’ve been able to channel that electric mood.

When you take control of your worrying and your fears, you create the best work.

That manic energy is the key to your artistic achievements.