Another Deceptively Easy Puzzle Has The Internet Freaking Out

In case you haven't noticed, it's Monday, which means you have an entire four days of attempting to adult left. You need to commemorate this occasion with one of two things: 1. All the tequila you can get your hands on, or 2. Trying to solve an unsolvable puzzle.

Seeing as I already drank the Patrón we had lying around (Sorry!), I can't offer anyone any tequila. But I can help you out with the single most infuriating puzzle I've ever looked at.

Ready? You sure?


Tayra Lucero for Little Things

Maybe the numbers are out of order? Maybe the colors? Is that dark blue supposed to come after the light blue? Does four always come after five? I DON'T KNOW.

Did you send it to everyone you work with? That guy you have a date with this weekend? Your mom? Still can't figure it out? It's OK, I couldn't either.

Here's a hint: You're probably looking at the wrong thing. It's not the numbers or the colors you should be paying attention to.

Still stumped? Tearing your hair out? Look harder. You're definitely missing something.

OK, fine, I'll spoil it for you. Consider me a nice person. Maybe buy me coffee sometime. Call me pretty. Say my butt looks nice today. Don't ever say I haven't done anything nice for you.

Look at the question. Does something strike you as off? Maybe the wording? See it now?

The word "the" is repeated twice -- once at the end of the first line and then again at the beginning of the second.

Is your mind blown? Mine was and I was an English major. I'm SMARTER than this, dammit!

Now, send it to your worst enemy and watch his or her head explode. You're welcome.