Annoying Runner Problems: How to Avoid and Fix Them


So being a runner for almost 8 years now, I've come across every kind of problem/injury in the book and have successfully overcome them. I would like to share with you some of the tricks of the trade if you are new to running or maybe need some help.

1. Shin Splints - One of the most annoying things a runner can come across -- and painful! I had chronic shin splints throughout my high school running career for a solid 2-3 years. And I can honestly say that the only thing that completely cured them was altering my running form and my running shoes. I used to be a heavy heel-striker and have changed my stride to more mid-foot and fore-foot.

Yes this takes time! You can't simply change it overnight. You have to mentally think about it while running until it becomes second nature, don't give up! If you are suffering from shin splints I would also suggest icing as a major pain reliever! Right after you run I would suggest massaging ice onto your shins, very rough!

Yes it will hurt, for about 10-15 minutes each leg. The easiest way to do this is to take a little dixie cup and freeze it with water and then simply use that to massage onto your shins.

2. Blisters - We've all had them! I get them on just about every long run. First ask yourself what kind of socks you are using. Cotton socks while running is a bad idea. The cotton doesn't allow the sweat to release from your foot, therefore causing the blister. Use a spandex-polyester blend sock, also known as dry-fit. They may be a bit more expensive than your typical sock, but totally worth it.

3. Getting over the wall - "I can't run any more than 5 miles, my body just can't" WRONG. I hear this all the time. You need to convince your mind that you can first. Your body certainly can do it, you just need to make yourself believe it.

4. Clothing - What I prefer to wear while running is something that will not bother me while running, No chafing, no rubbing, and no flying around everywhere. I usually just use a tank top, sports bra, and nike pro shorts. Every runner has something different that works for them though, sometimes you've gotta try out different options and see what works right for you and your body.

Hope this helped some of you runners out there! Any other questions please contact me through my blog:

Zoe Rodriguez | Elite.